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Earlier this month, in February's issue of CoroCoro, scans leaked online that revealed a silhouette of what most people speculated to be a new Eeveelution. As later scans leaked, this proved true by revealing Ninfia alongside Eevee's other evolutions. It was later confirmed by a video of Sylveon released by The Pokémon Company.

Not much is known about Sylveon other than it's a new evolution for Eevee and it's also the lightest. How does it evolve? What type is it? Is it a new type entirely? Is this going to the only new Eeveelution this generation? Will this be the last? These are all popular questions being asked, and probably won't be answered until next month's issue of CoroCoro where more "secrets" are said to be revealed about Sylveon.

Since it's such a hot debate and speculation, I figured it demanded its own thread. You can see the images from CoroCoro below as well as the video and details released by TPC. Discuss!

February's CoroCoro Scans

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