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    Originally Posted by RawrJoey View Post
    With all due respect, this uses RMX-OS. It can be done.

    Edit: Should also mention, it uses Essentials 11.
    What he said was you have to make it compatible with the newer version of essentials, so that means if Maruno ever decided to use that system he would have to put it in the main version of essentials.

    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    Something like the GTS (which I assume more people would be interested in) would require a globally established connection. So a dedicated server or something which will allow all games to connect to a centralised "station", rather than just a connection between two machines. The battle system is different though, since it only considers two players. But if we had some global communication with that too, you could have things like player tournaments. It depends what kind of interaction you're trying to have. I think a global one would be better, as that way you'd have a master database which would handle everything automatically, rather than users having to manually establish a connection.
    You must also consider that your might have a hacker or two in these games. There are those rare exceptions of people who know how to packet edit, since what I have been reading from some of these posts they want The front-end, and back-end fully blown server like WoW or something. But as I was saying, since it is possible to manipulate the packet being sent from a client to the server for lets say the GTS system, you might want to add security features as well.

    For those who do not know what I am talking about, it is possible for a hacker to find how pokemon are being sent or added from the server, so what they can do is that once they find the packet, they can manipulate it to there needs. So lets say I want to pull up a pikachu from the db one time, the hacker records the packet and when the hacker wants to do it a second time, they can change it to what ever pokemon they want. They can also change the stats and etc.
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