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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
1) Because hackers respect "copyright". It's Meta's hack that's why knowledgeable hackers won't even think of overtaking this as it would be very disrespectful.
2) Even if someone actually finished this, it wouldn't be "AshGray" as it wouldn't come from Metapod's head and it would new hacker's hack.
3) Can be said in 2) but still... noone knows what Metapod actually wanted to implement and how which means even if the hack were to be completed by someone else, it wouldn't be same as the first part.
4) If nothing works, think of this hack as complete. Does it have the complete Indigo League arc? Yes, it has. Think of Orange Isle as hoax and think it's already complete.

Yes Ash493 I basically agree with you, but I don't think that it would be "very disrespectable" if other hackers would finish the game.

I mean we all respect Metapod for the HUGE quantitative of things which he's done in order to create this wonderfull hack, but it would be reasonable if other people want to complete the "Work of the Master" just as a tribute to him and to the fun that he made us prove.

Even the Renaissance's artists took inspiration from the ancient greek ones, but it didn't mean that they had copied them or that they didn't respect them

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