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While she was gone, Shawn kept himself busy as much as he could. He found a few towels in his room and used them to wipe his face clean of blood. It wasn't working too good without water, so he slowly walked to his mini-bathroom and wet a towel. This time it worked, so he tried to clean himself up as much as he could.

He finally came back into the room that Corphish was in and sat down in a chair instead of the bed, thinking that it'll help. He looked at Corphish, who seemed to want to tear him up for some reason. Maybe if he talked to the pokemon...

"Sammy seems like a very nice girl, always ready to help someone in need. I just hope I didn't ruin her night, or yours," he said to Corphish, "Maybe...maybe we could be friends...all of us." For some reason, Shawn felt he was wasting his words, so he said nothing more until he saw Sammy return.

"Is someone on the way?" he asked.

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