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    Based on appearance alone, I believe Sylveon will be a Normal type. Its color scheme is just right for normal - light and cute, just like Clefairy, Chancey, Audino, and a number of other Normal types. If Sylveon is Normal, that fact would not preclude other evolutions in the future as people are saying. Nevertheless, many people are speculating on the assumption that more Eevee evolutions will come in the future. How do we even know there will be another Pokemon game after X and Y? The Flying arguments seem dubious to me:

    1. I have heard people say that Sylveon resembles Skyla from Mistralton City, both her appearance and colors. I can somewhat see that resemblance, but I do not put too much stock in it.

    2. The butterfly bows are not necessarily indicative of a Bug or Flying type. They are exactly what they are - bows, which are generally for adornment.

    3. Has a quadreped ever been a Flying type before? To me, this is the biggest obstacle to the theory that Sylveon is a Flying type, and an observation that has not received any attention as far as I have been able to tell. I find it highly unlikely that a quadreped would be a Flying type.

    4. A new type at this stage of the series is highly unlikely. The reason Game Freak introduced the Steel and Dark types was to balance out the Psychic and Ghost types. Introducing a new type this late in the series would require adding several new Pokemon with that typing, creating new moves specific to that typing, and creating Pokemon who are immune to or resistant to that typing. I am of the opinion - which I hold with a degree of confidence - that no new typing will be introduced.
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