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    this sounds interesting. may I join?

    Name: Ammaron Arkintosh
    Alias: The Avenger
    Age: 18
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Location: Washington, United States

    Atlantean tatoo (mark): the mark appeared on his chest in the shape of a wolf's head howling at the moon.
    Physical appearance: has a long V shape torso. Arms that are decent in length (about 5'10" long). His legs are rather long, giving him most of his height. He is in shape and has a medium build, and an ocean like wavy, but clean cut brown hair. His is mostly clean shaven.
    Clothing: he wears mostly casual style clothing. Blue pants, blue, green, grey, or black Shirts.j a Black light jacket with interior pockets and a left sleeve pocket. he rarely wears any sort of hat.

    Personality: Mostly calm, he prefers to spend most of his time in the water. He has a natural love for the water, like it's a second home to him. He has a tendency to be a bit of a hot head, causing him to anger quickly. he enjoys competition and will take up basically any challenge offered.

    He is thoughtful, logical, and a semi-quick thinker. He has a mechanical mindset that also works well with tactics. he is quick to understand technology. He has a high metabolism granted from his years of competitive swimming.He is observant and may be found looking at something, coming up with an idea on how to use it before acting. He prefers to use older fashioned technology that is reliable, rather than the new "junk" as he calls it.

    History: at a young age he had some temper-mental issues. Thus during his young age he went through anger management. At eleven he started competitive swimming. Swimming gave him a way to channel his aggression. He swam for five years, and became quite attached to the water.

    During one year of schooling, he discovered he was rather agile, and that even on land he was quick, quick enough to be a game changer in friendly competitions. in his school years he was rather reserved, not very easy to read, and that was just how he liked it. most people wouldn't cause any problems for him, and those that did try to cause problems, often quickly understood, why you don't cause problems for him.

    He slowly became able to give good advice to others. his advice was sound and would often satisfy both sides of the argument, people respected him for that, and respected him for who he was, not because he would terrorize others.

    During his High school years he was in three plays and developed a love for the art of acting. He always thought, there was something odd about his family, and that was proved true when he took a trip to the San Juan Islands, with his father, and entered a secret sanctuary on one of the islands. Since then he has always worked and trained hard to have control over his anger.

    Bestial Aggression (AKA Beast Mode): this ability, greatly increases his strength, agility. this typically comes out in competition, but also may come out as a sort of "beast mode" as others would call it. the power requires tons of energy to use, so it is often, when deactivated, leaving him completely drained or unconscious. The ability quite mindless, so it causes him to without much thought, damage, objects nearby or harm himself and others, all of it not on purpose. The power has heightened his metabolism, for his new food intake, causing him to never long be full when he's eating. so he is almost always snacking on something. The strength granted by this ability has come in handy when helping others, and the agility has helped him avoid obstetrical, and getting hurt. the power is never fully inactive, always semi-active. It becomes more active over time as he gets more aggressive or agitated.

    Writing Sample: Ammoron woke up after having the strangest dream the previous night. although he couldn't remember much of it, it seemed real. He found himself remarkably hungry, starved to say the least, so he got up, still in his pajamas, and went down to have breakfast. his parents were up and looking at the TV screen, probably the news. Ammoron's family lived in a remote shadow of Human society where the average person couldn't tell an Atlantean apart from a Human thus provided them a minor amount of safety. he had breakfast, which had quickly become a bowl of oatmeal, two corndogs, a hash brown, and a piece of jellied toast. After he finished his abnormally large breakfast. he went up to his room got some cloths and prepared to take a shower. he started taking off his T-shirt, and that's when he saw it, a mark almost that of a burn mark on his chest, he looked in the mirror and saw that it looked like a wolf howling at the moon. his hand instinctively moved to the wolf's eye. then his head felt a huge spike of pain as memories flooded his mind. memories of seeing the crystal, the burn mark, a stab in his leg (which he still wore the bandage for) and an Atlantean Guard Skewered with his own spear, the same one that stabbed Ammoron's leg. after the flood of memories ended, he decided to himself that he needs to learn to control this new ability, the strength and agility were increadable, if he could teach himself control over this he could avenge injustices done to Atlanteans, He Quickly took his shower, and decided to be called "Avenger". He got dressed in his cloths, and went out to a nearby Atlantean market.

    A few weeks had passed and Ammoron has learned to control a certain amount of the ability but not all of it. Although he continued acting as a protector of Atlanteans, which as it seemed made less humans want to cause the market's problems, the store owners even were willing to pay him some money for keeping the market's safe. Some of the stores had even pulled together to make a sort of uniform for him, A T-Shirt that had his Atlantean symbol on it. a hardened leather black jacket, with a variety of hidden pockets, a crude mean looking dagger, made out of an unknown alloy that was stronger than steel, and multi-cross-X-stitched pants, to protect against stabs. the jacket's leather was of similar fashion, made out of layers of leather strips, then hardened to protect against most stabs. Ammoron patrolled the market, waving and generally being of good nature. Then his ears caught a yell, he rushed through the market, and when he got there he found a man in full black, wearing a black ski mask, and holding a sort of sword in his other hand. he waved it around menacingly, threatening to kill a merchant woman who was behind the counter dazed, and with a large bump on her head,probably from getting hit with the hilt of the sword. Ammoron slowly moved around the room he got to a point and yelled out, "HEY, Drop the sword." the criminal looked around for a moment "who said that?" he asked in an angry tone, "SHOW YOURSELF." By that time Ammoron was already behind him, "I'm right here." he said. the man swung his sword at Ammoron who, used a tad of his ability to dodge the blade, and draw his dagger from it's hidden pocket. The man swung at him again, Ammoron, stopped the blade with his dagger. Ammoron then in one fluid motion kicked the man and dropped him onto his back, forcing him to let go of his sword. Ammoron stepped on the sword so the strange man wouldn't be able to pick it up. the man struggled to his knees, looked up at Ammoron and Said, "you have made powerful enemies this day Atlantean." with that the man ran off out of site. (more to come)
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