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    ∣ "Solo"

    Chapter Three: Part Two
    Social Interaction

    Effect: None

    "Class?" Eva had decided to walk right back to that... prison. Well, looks like he'd talk to him later, or something. He suddenly paused. Wait, why am I thinking like that? I can't have friends! He clenched his fists immediately. Damn it! How could I let myself get close to anyone!? He'll kill me, I know it!! He seemed to be building rage, though he stopped rather abruptly. But, then again, I was near-dead... Why would he let me live, let alone help me, if he wanted to attack me? He shook his head, feeling a headache forming. "ugh, forget about it. Nothing makes sense anymore... Domestic Dog-girl called me a Potato. I don't even..."

    He continued walking, heading toward the boys' dorms. Seeing as everyone would be in class again, he could blare his music loud again! And that is exactly what he did. He closed his dorm door, shut the curtains (as there were screaming girls in the window), and headed right to the bathroom. He began by turning his music up loud, then got undressed and headed into the shower. As the music started, he began to sing along with the lyrics.

    The Song

    "I never thought I'd feel this, ♪
    guilty and I'm broken down inside, ♪
    living with myself, nothing but lies... ♪"

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