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    C.J. Styles
    Behind the Dorms

    "Kehe, just evolved huh? Good for you! A buddy of mine just went through the same thing! Names Snype by the way!" Snype said happily. "So, looks like I missed a pretty darn good battle. How was it for you guys?" Snype asked. Chomp looked down at him still getting use to her new size. “It was quite an experience, I never battled 1on1 with a Trainer on my side before.” Chomp said excitedly.

    Custos chimed in as well, “One of your friends evolved also? Two of us did today, it has a lot to do with that group we ran into in the forest earlier. I’m Custos by the way, that there is Ace, Ax, Chomp and Golett. C.J. never gave him a name for some reason.” Custos explained nodding towards each Pokemon as he said their names.

    Mark nodded to them. "Mark Wilson." He said, waving back. "I was just heading back to my dorm actually. But I figured I'd walk around a little bit before hitting the hay.” “Bed already?” C.J. asked, “the nights still young, or maybe that’s just because I passed out for awhile in the cafeteria earlier.” He said with a slight laugh. “We were actually thinking of going up to the mountains.

    As he was explaining their soon to be adventure another new face approached. "What are you three doing back here?" the new comer asked. Odd he doesn’t look old yet he speaks like a teacher or something. Maybe just one of those students that are a stickler for the rules.We’re just hanging out, training and such.” C.J. said with a slight attitude. He wasn’t to keen on Authority figures.
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