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Originally Posted by Dark Leader Adam View Post
I don't think the name Unova wasn't supposed to be based of America even though alot of the places within the game do resemble it, You add a wild V out of nowhere which just makes me think that is kind of a stab at nothing. If you look up the meaning of the word Unova on Bulbapedia it will tell you that it means "one" or "united" which has quite a good meaning in the pokemon world, especially with the storyline given to use in Black and White.
The added v was to replace the sound f makes in the word "of". I didn't actually create that, but it has been one of the many fan-made theories as to how Unova got its name. Bulbapedia also makes reference of this. I was simply referring to it as an example if one wanted to try and do the same for this region knowing it's based off of France/Europe.

One thing that is probably likely to occur, there's probably going to be an o somewhere in the name. :p