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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
As much as I hope that it's a totally brand new type, it feels to me like it's probably going to either be Normal-type or Flying-type, based on where it's name originates from. In most languages it's from Nymph or Fairy, but our English one... which is Sylveon... I'm not exactly sure where it originates from, I can guess that it comes from 'Sylvania' which means trees and forests.

But again... I really do hope it's going to be a brand new type.
I totally agree with the Sylveon being connected to forests based on the the name being based off of the Latin word "silva", meaning forest. Seeing as all the bug-types were mainly located in the forest sections, and the big butterfree-esque eyes, I'm going to say say bug-type. Also, as pokemon generations progressed buy-type stats and advantages have seemed to grow (at least to me). I think that it would be a unique addition. I can see the strength of the normal-type evolution argument, but it's just more fun for me to think it will be the underdog: bug-type!
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