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    > The fire might have accelerted the bad egg's hatching prosses! check it!

    The Egg Watch: It looks like this Egg will take a long time to hatch.

    To be honest, you're probably lucky the fire didn't cook it.

    > Thank your favorite deity you're still alive, than continue onward. If you can try to remember the last thing you remember before the world became the swirling madness it is now.

    You thank Tabiti, Scythian goddess of fire, for her goodwill in bearing you safely out of the inferno. Tabiti makes no reply, but perhaps if you can find some way to make an appropriate devotion you'll get some kind of blessing. Then again, perhaps not. For one thing, you're pretty far from Scythia. For another, you're fairly certain Tabiti doesn't exist.

    Othodox is now a Disciple of Tabiti!

    You pause for a moment to think. What was the last thing you remember before you found yourself in this nightmare world? You remember choosing your starter Pokémon, getting your Badges, trying and almost succeeding in taking down Lance... But from that point, your memory abruptly ends. There is a long period of nothing between your failure then and your misadventures now.


    You think harder, and now you begin to realise that there are gaps even in those memories you do have. You remember the Safari Zone – but not how to get there. You remember getting your Zephyr Badge, but not the way to Falkner's Gym. Perhaps most disturbingly of all, you remember Mom – but not her face.

    Just what is going on here?

    > Take a stick that is on fire with you, I think nighttime is coming up and it will be hard to start a fire with your limited knowledge. (Says the condescending and demoralizing voice in your head)

    You're a little hesitant about grabbing any of that unnatural fire, especially as it seems to lean hungrily towards you as you approach the Ruin. It's as if it wants to eat you as badly as the Cyndaquil did. Or does. You're not entirely sure.

    Plucking up your courage, you grab a stick from the wreckage and back away hurriedly.

    Othodox found one Spooky Flaming Torch! Othodox bore the Spooky Flaming Torch aloft.

    Spooky Flaming Torch is 2% burned out. When Spooky Flaming Torch is 100% burned out it will no longer give out light, and may set fire to your hand.

    It is getting darker.

    > It might be useful to check the radar quickly for beasties, and then head as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

    Sticking your Spooky Flaming Torch in the ground, you take out the Pokédex and are greeted by a critical warning screen:


    That does not sound good. The fact that part of the Long-Range Scanner Attachment has snapped off doesn't strike you as too positive, either. Nevertheless, you give it a go, pressing the button for the Radar and praying fervently to Tabiti under your breath.

    The screen lights up, and for a moment you're overjoyed – the next, however, you're not sure whether you're confused or scared.



    Yegteene(19)cdftlrnenihi uoidpenncad!

    Ethaselrdfivou whtoesn(7)n!

    Eeetflvdld irdct(12)herer ohsfin!

    Stou(1)uendreactnr tatcdltro!

    You can't help but feel like the Narrator is punishing you.

    > Check the radar. If there are no signs of anything dangerous, head back to Cherrygrove, but be cautious and always check your radar. If the town is safe, head to the PokeCenter. Find anything that could charge your Powerless Tablet Computer.
    If nothing, then continue your cautious journey~

    You put the Pokédex away, take up your Spooky Flaming Torch and head back to Cherrygrove. It isn't far, and it is no more than half an hour before you arrive back in town, but by that time dusk is falling. You wonder if the normal patterns of daytime and night-time Pokémon still prevail, and almost wet yourself thinking about what an Eldritch Spinarak might possibly look like.

    Dragging yourself back to the moment, you conduct a quick search of the buildings that reveals no apparent charger for the Powerless Tablet Computer, but which does remind you that you never looted the Pokémon Mart.

    Spooky Flaming Torch is 6% burned out.

    It is getting dark.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.