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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms

Oooh battles are fun. I’d love to battle you sometime.” Chomp said. Ace, feeling more at ease at this point, also spoke up. “I wouldn’t mind a battle with you myself. It would be an interestingchallenge to say the least.

Hmm, maybe some other time then.” C.J. said to Mark. “There’s plenty of things to do on this Island afterall.” Mark looked like a confident trainer, and it be nice to have more then one friend for once.

So I was right, C.J. thought, I hope he doesn’t expect me to change plans to help. C.J. didn’t have much use for teachers outside of class. Oh good, Mark answered him. I have to keep myself from getting on a teachers bad side, despite everything.Yeah,” C.J. said, “the front desk would be the best bet.

Ax ran over to C.J. climbing up to his shoulder so she could get a good look at all the new faces. She then noticed the Lucario that had gone unnoticed to this point. Jumping from C.J.’s shoulder to the ground in front of the new Pokemon she smiled and said, “Hiiii I’m Ax, what‘s your namee?” She was overly excited for some reason.

I’d show you where to go, but we are going the complete opposite way.” C.J. stated not remembering that Zayne was a teacher and might inquire more on the subject. Hopefully he doesn’t stop us. C.J. thought, that wouldn’t go over well.
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