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    Originally Posted by BenGames,Films, and More! View Post
    Suggestions for Pokemon Essentials

    I have a handful of suggestions for Essentials, and about half I can provide for (Red=Somebody Please do this!!! Yellow=I can look into it Green = I got it!)

    Lets begin shall we?

    BW2 Trainer overworld and battle sprites
    BW2 ANIMATED Pokemon Sprites (Overworlds to)
    BW2/HGSS/DPPt Tiles/Graphics
    Gen 1-Gen 5 music in BW2 Sound

    If you guys can add on, please do! Maruno if you see this, please consider it!
    I might have given this more consideration if you had posted this in the stickied Suggestions thread (which is where your post now is).

    In any case, no to all of the above. I've explained many times why.
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