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I'm still involved into the whole Hakuouki hype I got into last Nov/December. I recently rewatched the (main) anime and I still enjoy it. A lot has been said about this series, both positive and negative, but I liked it. Compared to the it's source, the game is obviously better, but still. :3

I'm also watching Chihaya Furu. Though I started watching it mainly for the general set-up of it being a Josei series(I didn't even know what "Karuta" was), I quickly found out it's one of the better (new) Anime series I've seen in a while.... which goes much farther than the (apparent) initial "1 girl and 2 boys" set-up. Definitally going to finish the first season and the second one.

I'm also watching Amnesia and Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun, but they're not really high on my priority list. I blame tumblr for making me watch these anime. |D

I don't read that much manga, but last weekend, I stumbled on "ICHI". Though classified as a Seinen (which I haven't read before) the story is quite interesting. I read 33 chapters in one go and I can't wait for more chapters. :3

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