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    I'm writing a mystery dungeon fanfic and all of my team has a unique fighting style except for Absol. The team goes;
    Pikachu (uses electric powers)
    Combusken (uses powerful kicks, sometimes combining them with his fire powers)
    Golurk (uses powerful punches, as well as numerous self-made weapons)
    Teddiursa (kind of complicated. Basically he has the ability to temporarily transform into an Ursaring, where his fighting style is entirely based on physical strength and hand-to-hand combat)
    Nuzleaf (uses different seeds - Blast Seeds, Sleep Seeds, etc - to shoot at opponents)
    Castform (uses weather-based fighting style)
    Scyther (uses swordsmanship with scythes)
    Kricketune (uses swordsmanship with scythes - similar to Scyther - combined with singing attacks - Sing, Perish Song, etc)

    Absol is the only one I can't think of a unique fighting style for. Her movepool doesn't focus on any particular type of moves. I want her fighting style to focus on mainly one thing, I don't want her to just use a variety of moves. Any ideas?
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