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I would love to start with Aron please, if that's ok :D (first roleplay!)

Name: Sid Norm

Age: 16

Appearance: Sid's skin is of a olive tone, because of the tropical nature of the Novia region. His hair is very dark brown and is ruffed to the side. Sid stands to 5'8" and is standard weight for his height. His eyes are vibrant green and stand out. Sid normally always has a grin in his face, which compliments to his determined nature.

Sid sports a plain dark, maroon shirt underneath a slick black jacket (like Ash's but long-sleeved) which has a gold PokeBall logo in-front of the chest pocket and a zip. Sid also wears dark blue Denim jeans which has a brown belt and standard sneakers. His backpack is yellow with red accents in colour.

Finally, Sid always hangs a necklace in his neck which has an cracked emerald hanging down on it. The colour is very similar to the colour of Sid's eyes and was a gift from his grandparents when Sid was only 5.

Personality: Sid is of a determined type and always has an optimistic look to every challenge ahead of him. Unfortunately however, although Sid is determined, he doesn't like to work with others; he would much rather do everything himself, as the way he wants to. Sid hates it when he sees people being lazy and always likes to put everything on a job he has been given; whether it be as small as washing the dishes. His enthusiasm can be an annoyance or a great pleasure to a person.

Sid's passion mainly lies in Pokemon battles; although his never been in one, after he watched his first Pokemon battle when he was eight, Sid has been hooked and aspires to be one day the Novia League champion.

History: Sid wasn't originally was from Coriolis Town; his parents moved from Goldenrod City in the Johto Region to settle down on a much quieter town. Before the day the family moved it was Sid's fifth birthday, and his grandparents, who had came to say goodbye, gave the emerald necklace to Sid then. Sid has wore it always ever since.

Sid's father, Bateson, was a Pokemon trainer before he stopped to create a family with Sid's mother, Tiffany. Bateson had a preference of Steel-typed Pokemon when he used to be a trainer, and his best and favourite Pokemon was a very high-leved Aggron, which he had raised ever since he caught it as a Aron in his journey. After one day hearing his son's dream of challenging the Novia League when he grew up, Bateson planned to give his son a Pokemon as a present in his sixteenth birthday to kick-off his adventure.

Chosen Starter: When Sid's sixteenth birthday came, Sid's father gave him a breeded male Aron, who once was an egg from Bateson's two Aggrons. Sid named his first Pokemon Rocky because of his Rock Head ability. Rocky can be clumsy at times and also carefree, but he does share the same grit determination like his trainer. Him and Sid seemed like a perfect match in terms of personality.

Any other info: Although determined on nearly everything, one thing that Sid seemed to be careless about was his cleanliness. Ever since he was a little kid Sid didn't like having showers and so used to stay dirty for weeks before his mom forced him in the bathroom.

If you feel like I should add more, then just feel free to tell me. Thanks!
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