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    Forgive the bad spelling, this is a rough completed version, I will edit when I have time. I just have a busy few days ahead of me, but didn't want people to think I wasn't interested. So i made this mock up today. hope the power is ok and like i said this is a very rushed rough copy will edit soon to sort out spelling and such like

    Main Information:

    Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter

    Alias: Althia

    Age: 19 (BO: 12/12/1993)

    Height: 5'2

    Weight: 8st

    Location: Manchester, England


    Chestnut, curly hair frames an oval face with cheeks which are often warmed with laughter. Her lips are pale and softly shaped with a matching gentle smile. Her pale green are almond shaped and crease slightly when she laughs, their pleasant gaze is finished in a frame of long dark lashes. Her nose is small and pointed with high cheek bones, giving the girl a slight pixyish look, completed with a few dark freckles which dot her cheeks in a pleasant manor, still refusing to fade with age.

    She has a small scar on her forehead but that is often hidden by her side swept fringe which is usually pinned to the side with a small pearl decorated clip. She rarely wears make-up, so the cream complexion is all natural and induced by the sheer amount of time she spends in the water.
    The only other notable point with Charlie when you begin to study her more closely would be the small dimple at the bottom of her lower lip which dips into the soft flesh a little. It’s small and hard to notice, but it gives her a unique heartshaped lip to add to her outside girl charm.

    Atlantean Tattoo: Upper, outer right thigh. Two tribal snake forms twist around one another, surrounded by enclosed feathered wings, almost copying the caduceus.


    Charlie is both small and thin, only coming up to most guys’ chest in her year at 5’2. Slender she might be, this does not mean she is weak. Her arms and legs are long and finely toned with sleek muscles hidden under pale stretches of lily white skin, which pack quite a punch when she needs them too.

    Both her hands and feet are petit, only adding to the pixy look she’s got going for her, with long slender fingers, agile and frail at first glances. This delicate persuade however, once again only hides the fact that Charlie is no lady by any standards.

    Charlie’s over all body shape is often seen as pear but she rarely complains about this matter, trying not to give too much attention to the way not bothering to think about how guys in general look at her. Though despite this stubbornness, there has always been a silent wish, deep down to have the classic heart stopping hour glass body, which has led to silent loathing of her family genetics on the women’s side.


    Charlie is usually found in a mixture of boohoo and grunge styles. Continuously relaying on her favourite jeans for almost every occasion she comes across. Usually, Charlie will avoid skirts and dresses like the plague, but with consistent enough nagging she will submit to certain styles of dress of skirt when it is of the absolute importance, like balls or other formal occasions.
    Shoe wise Charlie has a sercret love for all sorts of boots, though her overall favourite are a simple black slouch felt pair. Her true love in the shoe world however are her converses, which a normal black style. They go with everything however and Charlie swears by them. Though over the years they have seen better days, not tattered and more grey than black.
    Charlie owns one knitted body warmer which she tends to wear whenever she is back at home or on slouch days working in the garden. It is long enough to come down to her hips and is finished with a rather large hood all in a heather grey colour. The whole thing is outlined in nettle green wool, while the hood’s insides are lined with a pale sky-blue fleece. As far as T-shirts go, they are ususally long sleeved and all are pulled down to her hips, where they ruches in a stylish but still grundy look, finished with a pair of fingerless gloves which are stripped in purples and blues.
    When she is back at home and out of the public eye, she has a thin clothed pair of track suit bottoms she wears, with a tight fitting t-shirt for comfort and a couple of rather large baggy, zip up hoodies.
    As jewellery goes she wears a silver angel caller (a bell) chocker she rarely takes off. The bell delicately decorated and hands from the velvet strap which clutches her neck in a simple but striking manner, the dark colour of the strap standing out against the girl’s pearl coloured skin. It had been a present from her mother when she was 16, and since the first moment she heard the shy chime of the bell, she fell in love with the piece. She’s not taken it off since, even when in the shower.


    Charlie has a rather sarcastic character with a wicked grin and sense of humour to match. With a never ending propensity to find herself in all sorts of friendly troubles, often coming from one of her jokes, Charlie has learnt to hold her tongue, though this self taught technique doesn’t always hold true.
    As far as a bad attitude goes, she’s got a little bit of a temper and hates being told that she’s wrong. When this does happen, she often puffs up her chest and either screams or simply storms out, giving the person whom annoyed her the cold shoulder for weeks to come afterwards.

    Ever persistent when she wants something, she is not the type to be told no. When this does inevitably happen, it always ends the same way. Charlie will stalk, complain, annoy, be abnormally nice or just plain rude to the said person until she gets what she has asked for, usually preferring to use her charm and kindness rather than vindictive traits to lull her target into a false sense of security. This working on almost everyone bar her parents, but that’s just life.

    She has a softer side though and often goes out of her way to help out the people she calls friend. She is rather straight forward with her ideas and opinions when people ask, and is the type of girl whom wouldn’t talk about you behind your back, preferring to tell you up front what she thinks and why. However she rarely finds many people that annoying and usually keeps to herself, seeming shy to those who don’t bother to try and dig under the shy, quiet front she puts up.

    Loyal as they come and rather stubborn, she will fight for what she thinks it right and is more likely to jump into a situation without thinking and suffer the consequences of such actions. However, this has worked out for her on many occasions and is a good characteristic to have when doing art and music. Well she finds this anyway.

    The weakness to her personality is that she is easily insulted and has the tendency to jump to conclusions. This coupled with her prideful insistence in never being wrong has made her lose many a possible friends in the past and by the time she sucks her pride back in, it’s often too late and the person she has upset will refuse to accept her apologises.


    Charlie was a normal dark haired girl, whom had a passion for swimming, art and music. She never really stood out in her class, getting mediocre grades throughout school, bar in music and creative writing and had a few boyfriends scattered here and there, though nothing in that area of her life lasted more than 3 months. She grew up in Largs, a little coastal town up in the North-West of Scotland while her father had work in Glasgow.

    She liked it there, every morning waking up to the chorus of screams belonging to happy children and the screeches of scavenging seagulls, which warmed her ears as much as the summer sun which beat down on the oceans glassy surface. She would go walking up in the hills which surrounded the small town, exploring all the wilderness had to offer.

    In the summer, set back into a little cove near the towns back, lay a path which when taken lead to a series of small, cool pooled waterfalls. Here each evening, since Charlie was 6, she would go and swim with her friends. Taking daring dives with wild whoops of joy, as they plummeted from the upper most rocks to the chilly water below.

    It became like a ritual to her friends and was carried out each night when the weather was warm, until Charlie’s 15th birthday came and went. On the night before Christmas, her father was laid off work and without any luck on finding jobs within the local area the decision to move down south was made.

    They left Largs the following month.

    It was here, when they built their new home in the grey setting of Manchester. The happy yelps and screeches of children and birds being replaced with the never ending beat of hundreds of feet, chitter chatter and street music replacing her favourite lullaby. The screams of tram breaks took awhile to get use to as well, up in the flat which they leased.

    But after awhile, though the city life was far from what Charlie was used to, she did what anyone would and adapted. It took some time though, going through a stage in school where she was bullied quiet harshly, while the teachers did nothing but watch from the side lines. Even to the present day, though things did get better, Charlie still carries the mental scars which that sort of treatment induces. Leading her to her often avoiding crowded places as well as refuse to leave her house if she wasn’t wearing something she was comfortable in. This was also what lead to her shy outer appearance she puts on to people she doesn’t really know. Too afraid to put her heart on her sleeve and show people who she really is until they know each other a little better.

    Despite this though, Charlie soon found herself in college and on an art course which she loved, making a few extra pennies in her free time giving flute and swimming lessons. She made a couple of good friends, one called Mia, who constantly followed her round like a lost puppy dog with big, sad, brown eyes. While another was a guy named Mark. Charming and witty he was her first long term crush but never acted on it, even though he asked repeatedly, afraid she will lose a good friend. After a while however, her feelings faded a little and the dating situation turned to a commonly used joke which Mark would tease her about every now and again. The two meet almost every other night in their favourite café, in which they simple chat and chill, doing nothing with their evening.

    The most exciting thing which ever happened to this young woman was her managing to fall from the waterfall in Scotland and dive into a rather rocky part of the pool, resulting in some rather ugly scars which crisscross her calves. She survived, though she lost a lot of blood and couldn’t really use her legs for almost a month. Something which she regarded as a fate worse than death as it meant she couldn’t go swimming for that amount of time too.

    A few days before the unveiling happened, Charlie had travelled up to Scotland again to celebrate one of her cousin’s birthdays. It had been a good night out and Charlie had met some nice guys whom all wanted her number, though she didn’t exactly get why. When she started back home the next evening, head sore and arms and legs weighted down with lack of sleep and good food, she realised that for the first time ever, she wanted to go back down south, back to Manchester. That for the first time, she wasn’t home sick for Scotland but in fact the complete opposite.

    When she arrived, the train pulling into Piccadilly station with one final, defiant lurch, she traipsed home to her family’s apartment and fell onto her bed and into a deep sleep. She had lessons to carry out the following day and deadline she had to meet but at that moment in time, she couldn’t care less. Her pillow meeting her head in a warm welcoming embrace. The following day changed her life and after that she found herself on a plane and flying towards the royals for some sort of answer.


    Accelerated healing:
    Charlie’s ability allows her body to heal faster than that of a normal human being. Cutting down the healing processes time to about 1 quarter of the time of what it was. But with this also comes another trait, Charlie has the ability to absorb injuries from her patients and onto herself. Thus curing them and allowing her to deal with the wound, her accelerated healing allowing her to carry out the majority of these actions without fear.
    This does not mean she is unable to die however. If she were to be shot in the heart, or brain, she would unfortunately die a rather sudden death. Her abilities are quick but not quick enough to stop a wound such as that from killing her. She is just as mortal as the rest.
    Not only this, Charlie must be strict with how many wounds she can take on. Too much and her body will crimple under the stress of blood loss and organ failure. One paper cut from two people isn’t something she would have to worry about, but multiple deep lacerations from two people is another story.
    The ability to transfer wounds back came with experimentation, after Charlie recently almost killed herself, taking on a wound which was too great for her to handle.
    As well as this, with time and practice, Charlie can also manipulate the pain of injuries which are too great for her to absorb without risking her own life. By doing this, she allows her patients’ last moments to be pain free and clear, allowing goodbyes to be said and final words to be spoken. But again this comes with a price. The pain cannot disappear and instead simply runs to her, but only as long as she maintains contact.
    Lastly, though her power puts almost instantly places Charlie in the side lines of battle, she does have one last trick which she can use to fight back, but again the price is heavy and rather dangerous to pay and often results in collapse.
    With extensive effort Charlie can take the pain of someone else, even herself, and harbour it then on contact with her chosen victim she can push that pain into them. Though this is incredibly useful, while she is harbouring she can no longer heal herself or others and is always acutely aware of the pain she is storing.
    The last key point here for her power, is this- she must be able to touch the thing she is healing.If she cannot touch the person, she cannot heal him or her.

    Writing Sample:

    Charlie had pulled herself out of bed that morning with Hair a complete mess and her breath not exactly amazing either. A night out and then a day traveling could do that to you. Pulling herself out of bed with an unsteady lurch, she wandered into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Starting her day with a half an hour shower, she then brushed her teeth and let her hair drip dry. She was too tired to care and she had places to be.
    Pulling on a random top and her favourite body warmer, she then rummaged through her bag to find her perfect black jeans. If anything could make this day slightly better, it would be them. Tugging them on, she then hunted for a pair of socks. But when this failed she settled for one bright red sock and one banana print as they were just socks and no one was gonna see that were they?

    On top she then pulled on her leg warmers before slotting on her boots and grabbing her everyday bag from the end of her bed. Here she shoved her sketch book in, with a handful of pencils and her purse before then heading out to meet the day.

    Yet despite her terrible start, the day wasn’t all too bad and after 6 hours in which she spent teaching one kid how to loosely play scarborough fair and barely getting her work in on time to meet her deadline. Charlie found herself on a comfy leather stool in her favourite coffee shop, with a large mug cradled between her hand, The aromatic smell of coffee simmering up from warm liquid which lay inside.

    Mark one of her closer friends, was sat next to her. Lounging and ruffling his hair in a way which made several teenage girls sat a few tables down, sjirachi childishly and whisper amongst themselves, blushing profusely.
    Mark grinned, flashing his perfect teeth in their direction, before offering a casual wave and winking which resulted in a tiny squeak of joy from one of the girls and then more laughter. Charlie at this sighed out of mixture of boredom and judgement, which caused Mark to grin even more.

    “Jealous?” he jested, wheeling around in his chair to face his friend with a wicked grin.
    “How ever did you know?” Charlie muttered, shooting her friend a distantful glance before flickering her eyes back towards the Tv screen above the counter, a couple of news stories scrolling across it’s screen.
    Mark at this, pouted a little before shrugging and picking up his cup, taking a long sip and covering his upper lip with white foam, before he shot a glance at the girls behind Charlie again and licked it off, wriggling his eyebrows at the same time.

    Again the sound of girlish giggles almost made Charlie shiver in her own skin, and freeing one hand from her warm mug, she jabbed Mark in the arm quickly without even looking. Mark almost dropped his drink at this and let out a surprised yelp which caused the girls to laugh again, though this time less out of crushing and more mocking.
    “Now that’s what I like to hear.” Charlie finally smiled, shooting a glance at her friend whom now sat with his bottom lip stuck out like a child who had just dropped their ice cream on the floor.

    “You always have to show me up don’t you?” he complained, hunching forward onto their table with a defeated grunt. “I could have got one of their phone numbers if it wasn’t for you, ya know? I mean jeez, Charlie, you don’t have be so protective, if you want a date just ask.” This last bit made his features smirk though and the sulking child look was gone as fast as it had appeared.

    Charlie ignored this comment though and shrugged. “Most of those girls are still in high school Mark, don’t be gross.” She replied, before nodding to the TV screen which was now flashing. “Check it out. Important news flash” she said. Putting her cup down on the table with a soft click.

    That was when everything in Charlie’s life changed. That moment when a hush fell over the shop in one wave and person behind the counter moved to turn up the volume.
    On the screen stood a family and the only way Charlie could describe them was, odd. They were stood on screen and when they announced that they were some sort of royal family or something, quiet murmuring broke out over the café. It was then that they raised a crystal up and it began to glow, so bright that the TV screen simply turned white and by some freak accident, it was then that the TV screen blew.
    This loud bang, made quite few people scream and jump from their chairs and in amongst them was mark. He jumped back off his stool and dropped the floor, his cup smashing down next to him and cutting his hand quite severely.

    Swearing loudly, Charlie moved to help. Jumping from her sheet, she knelt down next to her friend and moving to grab his hand while trying to avoid the broken shards as best she could. At first mark fought her off, whimpering about it being painful and not to touch it. But in the end Charlie won and grabbed his hand off him, calling him a baby.
    “I just want to see if it’s OK!” she said sternly, pulling his hand away from him and into her own. It was then, the moment her hand touched his blood, that warm, burning sensation flared into being. Snaking it’s way across her own palm as sudden as lightening. Yelping, Charlie dropped Mark’s hand and pulled her own back against herself. Her eyes watering from a mixture of shock and pain.

    “what the..” Mark began, though at first Charlie didn’t pay much attention. It was only when she realised that for once, mark wasn’t talking, that she looked up to see her friend staring at her as if she was some kind of freak.
    “what?” she snapped, glaring at him.”I was only trying to help for pity sake.” But then the boy simply shook his head and then held up his injured hand.

    The stains of blood were still there, coating his skin a crimson sheen, but the deep laceration was gone. There wasn’t even a scar.
    “how…” she began, but she was cut off, as mark pointed to her hand which she cradled against her chest like a child. Slowly, timidly, the dark haired girl looked down. Across her chest, a blood bloom spread across the light coloured fabric. Pulling her hand away, she then uncurled her fingers.
    A gasp slipped over her lips before she could stop it. The air quite literally behind stolen from her lungs as she eyes fell on the long jagged cut which oozed blood across her palm.
    “but…how?” she almost whimpered as fear set in. she didn’t understand. She hadn’t cut herself, this was mark’s wound, not her own. Looking up, she then realised that most of the shop’s eyes were on her, all of them gaping like fish.

    “I…um.” She started, quickly looking back at mark, eyes now watering even more. “what’s going on?”
    At this, her companion simply shook his head. “Charl… did you do that?” but before he could finish a cup smashed against the table just above Charlie’s head and suddenly a voice screamed.

    “FREAK!”. The sound of breaking glass almost sounded like a gun shot in the silence, and when the voice followed, it was then that instincts from high school kicked in. Getting up and grabbing her bag, Charlie bolted from the shop without another word. Her hand still trickling blood behind her as she ran for it.

    Whatever was going on, she needed to
    get back home and she needed google.

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