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    So, I've gotten sick of being asked for this, so I figured it might be a good idea to share it. It's so short and easy that it definitely doesn't warrant having its own thread, so putting it here seems like a good compromise.

    Extending the Number of Direct Sound Tracks on 3rd Gen Pokémon Games

    It's as easy as this:
    1. Search for the hex string "00 C5 94 00" in your ROM
    2. Replace said string with "00 CX 94 00" where X stands for the number of maximum DS tracks

    Now, there are limits here. Fire Red and Emerald (presumably Leaf Green too) can support a maximum of 12 (0xC) tracks, so you can put 00 CC 94 00 for these ROMs, however, Ruby (presumably Sapphire too) are different. RS can only support a maximum of 7!

    BPR - 12
    BPG - 12
    BPE - 12
    AXV - 7
    AXP - 7
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