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Chapter 6: The new Zane

Zane slowly picked himself up feeling exhausted from his desperate struggle with his former guardian to survive. Slowly the boy trekked across the old gymnasium floor trying to regain some of his used energy. He was only a few steps away from the door, when out of the blue. Wam!!!!! One of the giant, green, heavy, swing doors burst open with no warning, smacking Zane in the face.

The flame manipulating boy was sent stumbling backwards and landed on his rear, a stinging sensation filled in his cheeks. “Zane!” A soft voice called out.

The teenage boy looked up robbing his head still in acing pain. As he did a girl darted inside the room her long, silky black hair with a blue stripe in the front moved in the smooth cool air. “A-Alyssa?” He asked.

The girl smiled and sat down on the floor beside him. “So…….. How was the judgment?” Alyssa asked in a curious manner.

“Well before you smacked me in the face, it was nothing I couldn’t handle.” Zane replied.

“No, really what was it like?” she edged for an answer.

“Well, I had to fight the person I ran away from, he nearly killed me and that’s when…..” Zane paused, he wondered if he should tell Alyssa about Enceroso, about the world he had traveled to while he was on the verge of death.

“That’s when you met your Soul Sharer right?” She asked in a curious tone.

“S-soul sharer?” The boy asked.

“That’s how you got your sword; by making a contract with an you were given a contract weapon. That weapon represents the bond with your Soul Sharer, so what is it by the way?” Alyssa retorted.

“Enceroso.” The boy replied.

Clap, Clap, Clap!!!! The sound echoed across the gymnasium floor from within the luring darkness, and in a matter of seconds with his newly founded instincts the boy stood up in a confident stance with his red and black checkered scabbed in his right hand, searching for the source. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” The flame manipulating boy yelled.

“Very good Mr. Zane, I was very impressed with how you fought.” A voice said through the shadows, the boy tightened the grip on his covered blade.

Mr. Yodahama step out of the shadows with a cheeky smirk still on his creamy skinned face, as he tugged on his brown fedora he took a few steps closer to the two teenagers. “Congratulations Zane, you’ve passed your Judgment with flying colors, your skills are very impressive.” The headmaster said in a joyous tone.

“Thanks, I guess,” the boy replied. Mr. Yodahama took another step closer.

“Zane, I feel a disturbance is everything okay?” The inner beast called.

Yeah, Enceroso everything’s alright……. I think” The boy replied.

Alyssa stood up and took a few steps backwards in a cautious manner. “So, what do I do now?” he asked.

“ Mr. Zane, please do not resist or you will only make it harder on yourself.” The headmaster instructed as his smile slowly faded away, he rolled up his long sleeved blue dress shirt. Zane took a step backwards gripping even tighter on his hidden blade.

“And what exactly should I not be resisting against?” the thirteen year old boy said in a cautious tone.

Mr. Yodahama held out his right hand, spreading out his creamy white fingers the man gave the boy an agitated glance. Almost instantly dark violet, roaring flames covered the tips of his fingers.

Sonzigori, dark seal.” The man whispered.

“I think I could use a little help now, hello Enceroso!” The flame manipulating child called out.

Suddenly without the slightest warning as the dark violet flames danced on the tips of the fedora wearing mans fingers. The man bolted towards Zane with an incredible burst of speed, and out of pure instinct the boy uncovered his ink black blade reveling the long, shiny steel. “Queen’s talon!” the child yelled.

The boy swung his sword with a mighty amount of force, but the founder hurdled to the side dodging the incredibly sharp rapier with only centimeters to spare. The child took a step backwards fearing that the worst was about to happen. “What are you doing!” the boy screeched.

“I told you not to resist or you will only make it harder on yourself.” The man retorted.

“Are you trying to kill me!?!” Zane shouted in a frustrated tone. The flame manipulating child sprinted towards Mr. Yodahama who had a mischievous grin on his face. Within a matter of seconds Mr. Yodahama leaped in front of Zane, lifting up the bottom of the teenage boy’s red shirt enough to see his abdominal. The man struck Zane with his right fist which was covered in screeching violet flames. Seconds later the boy was sent flying across the gymnasium.

“Ahhhh!” the boy yelped in agony as a burning sensation filled his lower abdomen, it felt as if his insides were melting, quickly his body smashed into the dull, gray, wall. Easily the boy slid down the wall and plummeted six feet in the air face first, on the old, creaking floor.

“Seal completed.” The man whispered.

“Are you insane!?! You could have killed him!” Alyssa nagged as she darted to Zane’s side.

“Yes well he did better than I expected him to, his reflexes are amazing, and a good amount of speed for his age.” The headmaster said as he pulled down his light blue, dress shirt sleeves. As the headmaster left the room he pulled out a golden card and tossed it towards Alyssa.

As the man headed towards the door, he pulled out a golden card and tossed it at the long, silky, black haired girl. Without hesitation she grabbed the card and placed it in her jacket pocket. Zane slowly began to regain consciousness allowing him to see where he was. The boy stood up feeling relief that the burning sensation had left his lower abdomen. “What was that all about?” he asked in a confused manner.

“I’ll tell you everything you need to know later, but for now let’s just get out of here.” Alyssa retorted. The girl sauntered down the gymnasium and into the white tiled hallway.

“Hey w-wait up!” the boy called out. Quickly Zane bolted out of the violent, death trap like room to catch up with the high spirited girl and the two ambled down the hall. The light brown painted walls seemed to glisten of off the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

“I want you to meet some of the students before you start your classes tomorrow.” The aqua molding teenager asserted.

“O-ok,” the flame manipulating boy responded. Minutes later after walking through a maze of hallways they were only feet away from the door leading to the courtyard. Alyssa pushed the jet black, door; sunlight temporarily blinded the thirteen year old boy. Shielding his eyes with his bare hands the child blindly strides forwards. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zane collided into another obstacle knocking him back; as his eyes adjusted, he could see a boy about a few inches taller than him with an enraged glare on his visage.

“I’m sorry!” Zane apologized.

“Watch where you’re going, brat!” the boy yelled. The boy in front of Zane looked about three to four years older than him; he had medium, light violet, shaggy hair. His sky blue eyes stared at Zane with rage but not just anger at Zane; it was something else, something entirely more important.

“Hey a-are you okay?” Zane asked in a concerned tone.

“Just stay out of my way!” the adolescent boy shouted. Suddenly the violet haired teenager’s eyes began to glow bright neon blue.

“Hey!” Zane jumped on his feet and began to franticly shake the boy. Quickly the boy snapped out of his trance and with no effort he cast Zane backwards more enraged than before.

“Get off of me!” the adolescent Vociferated.

“What’s your problem? I was only trying to help you!” the hot blooded child clamored. The boy clutched his fist. Soon, students began to crowd around the two wondering if a fight was about to break out.

Zane you have very ill luck.” Enceroso said.

You’re telling me.” The boy agreed.

“Enceroso.” The boy whispered.

“Excuse me?” Zane replied.

“Your Soul-Sharer, it’s the Phoenix; queen of the sky.” He said.

“How did you know that?” the flame manipulating boy pondered.

“Zane!” Alyssa shouted. Out of nowhere Alyssa appeared beside Zane offering a friendly smile at the purple haired boy.
“Where did you come from?” Zane asked.

“Does that even matter right now? I see you’ve met Stark; he’s the second strongest student here at Crow Academy. Stark this is Zane Kilogame and he’s going to be a new student here.” She announced.

“Hmm, just stay out of my way and we won’t have any problems. Get that brat?” Stark demanded as his dark brown tie drifted with the swift, cool breeze.

“Hey you two let’s not get too provocative.” Alyssa said standing in between the two and staring at Zane as if she had missed something.

“And what type of problems, would we have exactly if I somehow didn’t stay out of your way?” Zane asked in a reproaching tone.

“Do you really wanna find out?” The sky blue eyed boy said.

Zane shifted his weight on the hard, gray concrete and as he did cold steam began to come from Stark’s pale, white hands. “Alright now you two…. That enough! Zane you’re in no condition to fight; the same goes for you Stark.”

“Look at them.” A girl whispered.

“Do you think that kid in the red is poor or something? I mean just look at his cloths there all ripped and singed.” A boy replied.
“Who does he think he is, talking to Stark like that?” Another girl joined in. Zane could hear every word that was being gossiped about him. Infuriated the boy twisted his head toward the trio of students and gave them a hateful look.

The air pressure became denser, as a gentle mid-August breeze blasted in-between the three students. “Come on Zane, it’s time for us to leave.” Alyssa called.

With one final glance at the adolescent boy, the two began to amble away from the scene. “What was that all about?” She asked.

“He was acting like a complete jerk!” Zane yelled. The two began to travel deeper into campus grounds, not knowing exactly where they were headed.

“Still Zane, you should try to stay away from him. You wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.” The girl advised.

“I think it’s a bit late to worry if I’m on his bad side.” retorted Zane. A cool, gentle breeze brushed up against the boys brown skin. His clothes were singed, slashed, stained, and looked as if they had fought more battles than Zane and Alyssa combined.

“We shouldn’t worry about that now though. There’s a place I wanna show you.” The girl enthused.

“Where is it?” he asked overflowing with curiosity. As the two headed towards a set of multicolored buildings, Alyssa paused and lifted her head upwards; her gaze directly at the blue two-story building with the sign.

“We’re already here.” She said with a display of excitement on her visage.

The flame manipulating boy examined the sign on the top of the building and pondered for the reason they were here. “I’m sorry but, why are we here.” He asked.

“You’re joking right? You didn’t think you’d be going to school dressed like, that did you?” She inquired.

“Let’s go already.” The boy replied. As the two walked inside of the aqua blue, two story building, instantly the smell of sweet vanilla perfume filled their nostrils. The walls were painted a light yellow, and as Zane looked around he spotted a variety of different sets of cloths hanging on racks. From cozy, cotton hoodies, to elegant, silk dresses. As he glanced around some more he discovered professional looking blazers, and traditional Indian frocks. Alyssa stood in front of the counter and opened out her arms in front of Zane.

“Welcome to the Fashion Battle Field! Where we fight, for your dressing rights!” She cheered. As the aqua manipulating girl chanted the stores slogan cheerfully, Zane gave her a ponderous look.

“Why is she so mirthful all of a sudden? Is she trying to get my mind off of Stark?” The boy interrogated from within his thoughts.

“Alyssa is a very nice girl, you should thank her for all of the good deeds she’s done for you and stop being so ponderous.” Enceroso lectured in a mothering tone.

“None of my thought are going to be private anymore, are they?” the young flame manipulating boy asked in an annoyed manner.

“Sadly, I’m afraid not my young partner.” The inner beast retorted.

“I’ll be right with you!” A voice shouted from out of the blue. Almost immediately the two looked up only to see a girl who looked about Alyssa’s age. She had long, smooth, straight white hair; sparkling brown eyes, pale white skin, and a pair of black skulled bunny earphones covering her ears. As the girl landed she glanced at Alyssa and smiled exuberantly.

“Breanna!” Alyssa squealed with joy.

“Alyssa!” the long white haired girl shouted with joy. The two gleeful girls jumped around and began to squeal with glee as they jumped around with excitement. Moments past and the two were still jumping around the boy let out a loud interrupting cough.

Breanna stopped bouncing around and peered at Zane’s outfit, his cloths were still stained with his O positive blood. “Welcome, by the looks of things I’d say you’ve just gotten out of Judgment?” She asked.

With a nod from the flame manipulating adolescent, Breanna walked up to him and carefully began to examine him as if she were a detective at a major crime scene. “What exactly were you thinking about buying, um…”the girl paused.

“My name is Zane.” He replied.

“Breanna, we’re here because he needs clothes for the year, and a little touch up to his hair would be nice.” Alyssa requested calmly.

“I think my hair is fine.” Zane murmured. The white, long haired girl who wore vanilla perfume walked up to Zane, a gentle smile on her pale but smooth visage.

“I guess we should start looking then.” Breanna stated.

The three walked around the first floor of the clothing store eager to find outfits for the young adolescent boy. After a multitude of head shakes, no’s, absolutely not’s, and are you crazy’s. The trio found at least six dashing outfits.

The first outfit which lay in Zane’s right arm was a sleek, ink black blazer with a white dress shirt underneath it. To with that there was a pair of khaki pants, and a pair of finch-plain-toe Saddle Lace toe dress shoes. The second outfit that laid in Zane’s left arm consisted of a black hoody, a burgundy T-shirt, black faded ‘jar’ jeans, and jet black Nike Air Royal Mid Knit tennis shoes.

The next outfit which lay within Alyssa’s grasp was a black and gray Cardigan Jimjay, ink black slim jeans, black Jordan’s, and a black beanie. “Well, it looks like you have enough cloths for at least the rest of the week, now upstairs we go!” Breanna cheered.
As the employee who wore bunny skulled headphones darted towards the back of the store. With an eager look on the mirthful adolescent girl’s visage, Alyssa and Zane gave each other a slight glance and trekked along. “Your friend sure is helpful, and energetic.” said Zane.

“Yeah, we’ve been friends since I first came to this school.” Alyssa replied.

“So, am I….. You know, your friend?” the boy questioned. Almost immediately the aqua manipulating teenage girl looked at the boy in amuse.

“I thought you already knew.” She retorted.

“Already knew what?”

“Of course you’re my friend silly.” The girl answered with a cheeky grin on her face. Hearing her words the boy was greatly pleased. The two finally caught up with the long, white haired employee who stood at the bottom of a round staircase. The young adolescent male looked up only to see that the round staircase went up about nine to eight feet higher than they were.

“Why are we going upstairs?” the flame manipulating boy inquired aloud.

“The hair salon is upstairs.” Breanna stated.

“Well unless we’re going to fly up to the next level, move your butts!” Alyssa complained.

With a loud, weary yawn from the ink black, spiky haired young boy; the three cantered up the stairs. Minutes past, with multiple mournful sighs from the customers they finally reached the top of the spiral, brown stairway. “We made it.” Alyssa chanted.

Panting for air, the young flame manipulating boy stumbled backwards tripping over his own feet. “Yikes!” Zane yelped as his body tipped backwards, it seemed as if everything began to slow down. Quickly with no time to spare, the boy jolted into the air holding his cloths tight in his arms.

“Zane!” the blue eyed adolescent girl screamed. With great ease Zane ascended five stairs down away from the second story door. With tremendous relief, Zane and Alyssa both let out a loud sigh.

“Let’s all hurry up and get in the salon before you hurt yourself kid.” The employee remarked.

“My name is Zane.” The young adolescent replied.

Breanna twisted the golden doorknob and pushed the brown door open. “Welcome to the Strands Of Love Hair Salon.” The employee announced. As the two girls walked inside of the hair salon, the boy continued to climb up the stairs exhausted to the full extent. When the flame manipulating boy reached the top of the stairway, he slowly peered inside to see what the others were doing. The room was dark; hence there weren’t any lights on.

As Zane stumbled around in the pitch black room, holding his arms out so that he wouldn’t fall or bump into anything. “Alyssa, Breanna, someone. Where are you?” he called out.

“Hold on, I’ll turn on the lights.” shouted Breanna.

Thump!!!!! The lights turned on and Zane once again tripped over his feet landing flat on his rump in the middle of the salon floor. “Jeeze kid, you’re like the king of clumsy, you know that?” stated Breanna.

“Sorry.” The boy apologized.

“Done be so hard on him, he’s just a first year and it’s not even his first day.” Said Alyssa.

“I’m just teasing him.” Breanna replied. Zane picked himself up and dusted off his ratted black pants. As he looked around the bright orange room, he saw a set three chairs beside each other behind a stack of fashion magazines laying on a brown coffee table.

“This doesn’t look like a hair salon.” Said Zane.

“That’s because this is the waiting room.” Replied Breanna.

“Oh,” said Zane as he rubbed a hand through his spiky, jet black hair, “What do we do now?”

“Well first I’m going to wash your hair and then a little trim to your hair. Oh and while I’m at it well cut down those bushy eyebrows of yours.” The girl replied.

Quickly as if she were in a hurry, Breanna grabbed Zane by the wrist and charged towards the next room. “Hey wait a minute, what wrong with my eyebrows!” the boy shouted.

Alyssa quickly bolted behind the two as the darted inside of the next room. Breanna swiftly turn on the light of the next room and swung Zane into a black chair with a sink attach to the back of it. Instantly the feet of the chair lifted up making Zane lay flat in the chair with his head inside the sink. “Be still why don’t you, you’re going to get shampoo in your eyes!” Shouted Breanna.

Breanna turned the sink faucet on Luke warm and water splashed Zane in the face making his jet black hair soaking wet, the girl turned and picked up a shampoo bottle off of a brown shelf labeled, “Hair-poo: get’s the stink out,” and gently massaged it into the boys scalp. Minutes later as she washed out the soap from the boys hair, she placed a white towel on his shoulders and sat him down in a black and white, leather Hair Dryer Chair. Breanna then grabbed a bright red, cylinder shaped bottle labeled, “Toxic.” As she squeezed the liquid into her palms, she began to rub it deep into the boys hair. “Hey, what’s that!” shouted Zane.

“Oh calm down clumsy king, it’s just conditioner. I’ll leave it in for about ten minutes under the dryer and then we’ll give you a little trim.” The white haired girl explained as she placed her black, bunny skulled headphones over her ears.

“O-ok.” Said Zane as he sat back, trying to relax as warm air pushed against his damp hair. The boy took a deep breath and let out a loud sigh as he thought about his current position. He then thought about earlier in the day, about the boy he angered.

“What’s wrong Zane, you seem tense? Are you still thinking about Stark?” asked Alyssa as she knelled down in front of his chair.

“It all happened so quickly.” He replied.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“His eyes started to glow, and I didn’t know what to do or how to react.” The boy remarked.

“That’s because,” Alyssa paused, “He was looking at your soul.”

“What do you mean, looking at my soul?!” The boy shouted

“It’s a special skill that all students learn in order to do what we do best.”

“What is that?” the boy asked.

“It’s simple really. We protect the world, from those destructive beast known as demons.” Breanna informed nonchalantly.

“D-d-demons!” the boy shouted bumping his head.

“But why did he use it on me?” asked Zane as he rubbed the knot on his forehead.
Breanna stood up and removed her bunny sculled headphones. “Because that skill, known as Soul Sight, is not only used to detect demon souls in a high population of humans. It can also be used to glare at anothers soul and soul sharer since after you make the contract, you not only carry your soul inside your body, but you carry your partner’s soul as well.” Informed Breanna.

Taking in all the information just given to him, Zane sat back in the dryer chair. “That just makes me feel like an idiot.” Murmured Zane.

“Cheer up clumsy king, that guy can be a real jerk sometimes.” She said as she walked behind the checkered dryer chair.

“Your ten minutes should be up. Let’s see how it came out.” stated Breanna. Carefully the girl removed the hot, mechanical hair dryer and focused deeply on what she was doing.

“Close your eyes Zane I want you to remember what you use to look like.” instructed the worker.

Zane obediently closed his eyes, seeing nothing but empty darkness. Curiously, Alyssa stood on the tip of her toes just to take a peek, and then as she looked it was as if disaster had struck. She quickly turned her head towards Breanna with a giant look of fear o her visage. “Breanna! Look at what you did! Zane’s going to freak when he sees this!” shouted Alyssa.

“What’s going on, is everything okay?” questioned Zane.

“I don’t understand what could have happened. I read the instructions and everything.” Breanna murmured.

“What happened?” the boy asked. Zane opened his eyes only to zee a shocked expression on Alyssa’s face.

“When I show you Zane, you have to promise you won’t freak out.” Breanna said calmly.

Out of nowhere, the white haired employee pulled out a small green mirror and held it in front of Zane. The boy looked in the mirror, everything looked normal, same face, same smooth tan skin, and the same dirt brown eyes. Then he looked at his hair, it was no longer its ink black color, it was as if it had been replaced with a flaming red color. “M-m-my hair!!!” Zane screeched

“It’s not all that bad Zane, really. I’m sure Breanna can fix it.” Exclaimed Alyssa, as she tried to calm the flame manipulating boy down.

“I thought you weren’t going to freak out.” stated Breanna.

“Not that bad, my hair looks like a ripe tomato! And I never agreed not to freak out!” the boy shouted even louder than before.

“I’m very sorry, but I think I can fix this,” the white haired employee stated. Breanna grabbed a pair of silver clippers and began to cautiously cut off strands of the boys flaming red hair. In a matter of minutes, she was done turning the boy’s red spiky hair into red medium hair with a short band in the middle.

“That’s better.” said Alyssa.

“Check it out for yourself, clumsy king.” stated the employee with a sweat vanilla aroma. Zane grabbed the miniature, green mirror and hopefully glanced.

“My hair!” he shouted.

“I apologize clumsy king, I must have grabbed the wrong bottle.” The girl apologized.

“How do you mistake a bottle of hair dye for conditioner!” shouted Zane.

“Calm down, I’m sure it’ll come out in a week or two. Right?” asked Alyssa.

Breanna grabbed the bottle of hair dye that she used on Zane’s head and read it aloud. “Toxic, permanent red hair dye…… Ooops.” she remarked.

“P-p-p-p-permanent!” the boy shouted.

“Oops!” shouted Alyssa.

“I’m sorry, how about you get the clothes free of charge.” The employee bribed.

Zane realized that, crying over what happened wouldn’t change anything. The red haired adolescent boy stood up, and gave a calming smile to both Breanna and Alyssa. “It’s ok, accidents happen. I mean, it could have been worse right.” he reassured.

“I’ll just give the clothes to you, on the house.” Retorted Breanna.

Zane peered out of the window only to see the beautiful sunset. “It’s getting dark Zane I should take you to your dorm.” Alyssa insisted.

“Oh, ok.” Replied Zane. With a final friendly smile, the two ambled down he stairs eager to get to their next destination.
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