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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
The Fallout - Crown The Empire

Would not click Play if you aren't fond of rock / metal.

This is a newer band, that I found pretty randomly, and I now I can't stop listening to their new album, despite the fact that I don't usually like screaming metal bands. They're not all that typical.
I've tried listening to this band a few times, and while I kind of like some of their songs (Voices being the one I like the most), I still cannot get into them much. :\ They're still a neat band, though!

The Afterimage - Pathogen

I found this band a few weeks ago, and boy are they great! The first song I heard by them was called "The Seeking," and it's one of my favorites - main reason being the clean vocals in the song. This is their most recent song, just having been released exactly one week ago.


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