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Zayne Alta

CJ's Axew jumped from his shoulder babbling at Aura, who stood their almost unsure how to react to the over-enthusiastic dragon-type.
My name is Aura the lucario responded before returning to his typical silence. It wasn't that he had a problem with the little green dragon, it was simply that he wasn't much of a talker at the best of times let alone when confronted with a hyper, probably younger, little pokemon like Ax.

CJ responded to the question Mark had answered
“I’d show you where to go, but we are going the complete opposite way.” Whilst Zayne would have preferred the less experienced trainer to be a bit more respectful of his position of authority, he didn't really fault him on that. It was his free time after all, why should he be a guide pokemon for a teacher? That's fine, I'll find it easily enough from Marks directions and these buildings tend to have large signs anyway.
"Where are you all headed then? Zayne inquired. He was a bit suspicious of CJ due to his attitude but he wasn't really that concerned by the group. Really he was just curious.

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