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Allister Curtis

An announcement rang over the PA informing all of 3C, his class, to return to their classroom.
Weird thought Allister, perhaps an explanation is in order? he wondered to himself when the girl, whom he now knew was named Cheryl, suggested through heavy stuttering that they return to the classroom as the instructions over the PA suggested
"W-We...we...s-should...go to the classroom" with that she said she'd meet them at the classroom and walked off down the hall.

Yorick and Allister stood watching the area for a while when Yorick began shouting more questions at the teachers, those who could muster the energy either glared at Yorick, and by extension Allister, or gained a confused look on their faces. Shortly after this, the schools nurse arrived and ignoring more of Yorick's (who Allister was happy had remembered not to address someone by age or gender) and got to work applying first aid to the injured staff.
"We should go" Yorick suggested and walked down the hall the same direction as Cheryl had gone. In agreement Allister followed is strange new companion to the classroom.

Upon arriving in the class, Allister took note of his injured teacher.
I was right thought the mage he definitely knows something. Continuing to eye his wounded teacher with curiosity Allister took the seat next to Yorick. He normally wouldn't sit at the front, backing his rabbid classmates for one thing but also because at his height it was fairly inconsiderate to do so. He was making an exception today though, not flying solo (haha, solo) for a change anyway so he may as well, just once, block the way. It didn't seem like a lesson anyway and he was curious about the naive yokai to his left and felt kind of responsible for him for some reason.
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