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Gwen Deallus - LOCATION

Gwen awoke with a jolt. Something was wrong, something was horribly wrong. She rolled off the sofa in Raikou dorm where she had been sleeping and onto the hard floor of the Raikou common room. Yes, something was certainly off here. Slowly she hoisted herself into a standing position and rearranging her glasses with a single finger, peered around the darkness which encompassed her.
Walking slower than usual, so as to avoid falling over some unseen hazard, she made her way to the hallway. She was awake now, so there was no point in trying to go to bed straight away. Unsure of what time it was, and assuming that every sane being in the academy would be fast asleep, she made her decision based on a single thought.

"I wonder what the academy would be like at night... I could have free reign of everything if no ones around..."

Peering up and down the deserted corridor a wide grin creeped it's way onto her face.
Wandering around the academy silently, Gwen realized that it wasn't entirely deserted; a few people remained here and there, seemingly finishing up the last of their business before heading to bed. They were easy to avoid though, so slinking into the shadows, Gwen began to work her way silently around the academy, obediently followed by her silent, inquisitive Poochyena.

"C'mon Amber, there's got to be something cool to check out."

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