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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

Seems Valorie is in a little pickle here. Wonder how her friendship with Mark will be now. It's none of Kilik's business, so he should get to asking Kiyoko those questions. Speaking of Kiyoko, the patting he was receiving from Valorie reverted him back to his usual, Zorua form.

Kilik holds out his hands for Kiyoko so he could hop into his arms. "I won't cause any harm. I only want to know a few things." Hopefully Kiyoko would answer Kilik's questions, or better yet, at least hop into the mercy of someone he barely knows. Tentou somehow climbed on to Kilik's back & sat on top of his head. Kilik only chuckled as he witnessed his still new Pokemon being playful. By playful, he means Tentou lightly pulling on hair. It doesn't hurt...much.

What really hurts is knowing that Kilik's parents aren't here to see their young boy. It pains him so much, but Kilik shouldn't break out in public. He would consider himself weak for showing despair if he ever cried in front of everybody here. Right now, speaking to Kiyoko should get it off of his mind.

Yes... Just speak to Kiyoko...

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