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    Congrats to everyone who's gotten shinies and joined the club over the past month! Also, congrats to the three winners of the February Monthly Quest: Arceus Whisper with Pikachu and Rattatta, nizare18 with Gastly and Ho-oh, and Chr. Draco with Poochyena and Elekid!

    Now it's time for...*drumroll*...

    The March Monthly Quest!!

    Happy March! To celebrate, let's get march-ing Pokemon...ha...ha...

    To complete this month's Quest, find two shinies with two feet! Only bipedal Pokemon count for the Quest!

    The contest lasts until midnight EST on April 1st, 2013.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Originally Posted by ChocolateCrunch View Post
    Hmm, sure! I'm just searching around Pokémon Emerald currently, mostly hatching eggs, some searching around.
    Be careful hunting in Emerald! It's set up so that shinies are based on how long your game has been on, so if you're unlucky and don't get a shiny until, say, 10 hours into playing, that 10 hours will reset every time you turn off your game.

    Fortunately this is only a problem in Emerald, so you might have more luck hunting in another game. FireRed and LeafGreen have something similar when soft resetting, but it shouldn't be a problem when walking around. Saving resets the way shinies appear every time, so if you ever decide to SR in FR/LG, all you need to do is resave every 25-35 SRs and you should be fine.
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