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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms

C.J. watched as Issac started to slip away. Perfect, guess it’s time to go then. “Come on guys time to go.” he said telepathically to his group. C.J. didn’t say anything aloud Issac already invited Mark and that was fine by him as long as the teachers didn’t come.

He didn’t really try to hide his walking away. He just simply turned and walked over to where is supplies were laying. Gathering them up and walking over to Issac. “Alright I’m ready to go whenever.” he said.

Guess we’ll have to wait for a battle.” Ace said to Snype. The Deino had wanted to fight now but he would get his chance. Ax could tell Aura wasn’t interested much in talking so she just ran back to C.J. silently. The others said their goodbyes before C.J. recalled them to their PokeBalls. Only Ax and Ace remained out now.

C.J. wanted to just leave at this point but he figured it be best not to be completely rude and at least wait to see if the teachers wanted anything else. Or if Mark was going to come along, although from his ‘long day’ statement earlier he figured he wasn’t going to.
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