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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I agree entirely! There was nothing really in the previous generations just for the starters and something to make them stand out is awesome. Legendaries normally have that but not for all. If there was a choice between legendaries and starters, I'd go with the starters really because I think there's so much potential for awesome moves. Something involving nuts, tails and bubbles I definitely see as possible for them!
Well the Hoenn starters had Blaze Kick, Muddy Water, and Leaf Blade but soon those moves were given to other pokemon I also expected the Unova starters to be the only ones to learn Razor shell, Leaf Tornado, and Flame Charge (it turned out Tepig was the only one who actually got one only it was Heat Crash instead of Flame Charge). Also the Kanto starters had the starter hyperbeams as signature moves until gen IV (the Johto one's had them but that was an event in XD irc).

Hopefully they can give them real ones...ones they don't give to other pokemon.
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