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I love conquest so much! I finished the main narrative in three days, and am working on completing the episodes now. There are so many awesome things about it! I love the battle style, as 6 on 6 is really interesting in my opinion. And it was fun training up all my mons! (although I was kind of stupid and waited to evolve eevee into glceon so I was lugging around an NFE for the entire main narrative pretty much, but a glaceon at 523 was (no pun intended) pretty cool!) By main sequel do you mean main storyline? Because, yes, I have enjoyed playing it after, although the link reset was a bit annoying. And my favorite mon that I've used (which hasn't been many) would probably be either Staraptor or Gyarados. Staraptor was just awesome, and Gyarados was a really handy water type, especially since it could float over everything and also knock things back etc. In the early stages of the game I loved Darumak/Carnivine, because Carnivine murdered everything (and could float) and Darumaka had run up with flame wheel which was just awesome!

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