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    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    These are all the legendaries, See if you're missing any:

    Do you have Deoxys? If not, explore the Holy Karst Cave (east of Tyron Tower) using Waterfall. Find a meteorite, and after speaking to it, Deoxys will appear in a cave in the High Path (east of Redwood City). And Suicune? It's found at the Pure Tower, at Pure Village.

    About the gym, you won't enter there, I think the trainer you find at the Abandoned Ship is actually the Poison leader.

    Also, 1158, can you give a hint about that sword?, because I'm getting crazy looking at the caves, and I don't find anything...
    mochorro, can u tell me what is the legendary pokemon that beside darkrai

    now i got lunar wing where can i get cresselia?
    and about shaymin,how i suppose to get in the mud room?
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