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Originally Posted by Lokiepie View Post
Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter
Alias: Althia
Okay, I understand the rough draft, so No problem about you leaving it to edit later. I like her power, Accelerated Healing is definitely something that people can make OP rather easily, so I enjoyed it's current state. Good Work. Charlotte sounds like an awesome character, so I'm going to Accept you, but make sure you tidy up your SU! Also just a note: beware of starting dialogue, I noticed a few times you started dialogue with lowercase letters.

Edit: Also, just a note, Atlantean Tattoos are entirely black, no colouring.

@CarefulWetPaint: Your SU is looking better, your ability is fine as is too. Keep up the good work!

@Everyone: I've finally managed to get a flat, so this next week will be slightly busy with moving and starting uni again, so the first post is going to be delayed unless, Skymin, you want to kick it off for us? Either way, I'll get internet hopefully by this weekend or resign to using the university's internet.
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