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    I'm glad they have difficulty setting that can kick my ass. If you really want a challenge, these you go. For most people, Hard is the right challenge level. And Normal mode, make it easier for younger people to enter the series. Getting new players will make it possible for more great games to be made.

    I need to grind a little to beat the final boss, but many of my charaters are Lv.16-20 Promoted. I want to reclass them, but so many are ready for new classes I don't think I can spend that much on Seals and still have money for weapons.

    If I sell everything I could drum up 40k, but I have a lot of good stuff.

    I was grinding Nawi to make a better Nah. I needed an Axe. I had SIX SILVER AXES just sitting there. She broke 2 whole Silver Axes, 1 Steel Axe, and 1 Bronze Axe to level up 25 times as Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord. Faster than I thought. Still have FOUR SILVER AXES LEFT!

    Nawi had INCREDIBLE LUCK not getting hit during her training. Then I realized her Skills: Odd Rythem (avoid +10) Fast Burn (avoid +15) Tantivy (avoid + 10) She was rarely hit.

    Now Naw needs similar training.