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Zayne Alta

As Mark answered Zayne, informing him of the groups intentions Aura became aware of two new arrivals, one a pokemon at a far higher level than the students own teams. Aura didn't bother letting his friend now, it seemed as though they meant no harm.

Zayne felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see a man he guessed was significantly older than himself, but probably no older than thirty and a gardevoir, who seemed to be the pokemon of the older man, who was of course a fellow teacher.
"Steven Yew at your service" the senior teacher introduced himself, he and his pokemon even bowing slightly, a formality that Zayne was not likely to bother with
"Nice to meet you Mr. Yew" Zayne responded "my name is Zayne Alta, I'll be taking the classes for the practical battling unit and this is Aura" he said gesturing at Aura and offering his hand to shake.

The group behind Zayne seemed almost in a confusion, one of them was already slipping away and the rude one was almost treading on his coat-tails (not literally of course). Over his shoulder he spoke to the group of anxious to escape students
"You three can go, I'm sure Mr. Yew is more than capable of showing me where to go" he then added on as an afterthought brought on by their urge to leave "and stay out of trouble".

Turning back to Steven Zayne then asked
"Would you mind showing me where the front desk is? I need to tell them I'm here and I need to get a room key because I'm supposed to stay in the dorms." he looked over the older staff member's Gardevoir
"That's a very well raised pokemon you have there, I'm very impressed". Aura grunted his agreement, he wouldn't be suggesting that he would lose to the psychic-type, but it would be a fun and challenging battle.

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