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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Moved to General since its an extremely broad topic.

    Thing about Legendaries, the ones that are banned are usually Box Legends and Event Legends which include all of the special Mirage ones. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but Gamefreak chose to ban those. TPC agreed with regular tournaments.

    As for Stadium, they did not make a "Stadium" for Generations 3 and up as Colosseum and PBR are two different styles and rule sets. Some of the rules were shared, but none of what made Stadium, Stadium was passed on into the new games.

    As for Keldeo, you can't use it in the Little Cup even if it weren't banned...Little Cup is for Pokemon of the lowest rank on an evolution cycle. Single Stage Pokemon can't be used in the Little cups. Not the official ones.

    Most Legends have always been trophies for catching or earning them. They don't really serve much purpose out of that since they aren't allowed to be used in sanctioned tournaments.
    As for the Little Cup, I was actually referring to my Lvl. 5 Rufflet (which I needed to complete my pokedex, since I own Black), and my spare Larvesta (since I caught Volcarona in the Relic Castle).

    But again, I do not want to bar legendaries. I just want another Stadium/Orre Region/PBR game for me to use them in.

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