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After completing this game, I just had a few issues.

1) If you forget to get the mysticbadge (which I believe is the 3rd one which allows you to fly) and continue to the next city, once you get in kyruem's den it becomes impossible to return as you have not received surf yet. Once you get surf, it is still impossible to return to Mystic city as the old man will be sitting in the exit preventing you from entering the route that connects it to Numassity City. Easy enough to fix as i just made a warp from Numassity city to there so that I could continue on with my team without restarting.

2. There are several spots like when entering Tiki village from the north, a duplicate of your character will appear and if you try to talk to them the emulator and game will lock up. Also if you talk to the elite four members at trilogy island after defeating the red headed dude, the game will lock up as well.

3. There's quite a few ghost events where the sprites disappear after beating them the first time however you will have to sit through their dialogue and battle them again every time you go there but there is no one there. Zachary, Florina's first battle with you, and I believe Light's battle where he's in the cemetery.

4. There were a lot of misspelled words although I really didn't care as that really didn't bother me too much.

Also this is not a complaint, Adrian's lugia was incredibly difficult although I eventually ran it out of moves until all it had left was recover. That Dark Chaos move was a one hit kill on my entire team even though they were all level 100. Perish Song saved my life <3

Despite these issues, the game was pretty fun and difficult to complete. Can't wait for part 2 :D