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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    I'll like a Dark version of Giga drain, one that looks sinister and deprives the victim of their hp and gives them to the user. Or maybe even a Dark version of leech seed...maybe something like Deep Darkness (which hurts the pokemon and gives the user the life energy being seeped out). Hope that's not too eerie for a pokemon game...
    Hey I thought of the same thing a couple of days go! A dark - type version of giga drain, I thought of naming this move 'Nosferatu'. I think nosferatu is German for vampire, which would make sense for this move because it steals the enemy's hp - much like vampires steal the enemy's blood.
    Although the main reference for this move is from the game 'fire emblem', there exists a spell called Nosferatu which, of course, steals the enemy's hp and adds it to your shaman. Besides, just saying Nosferatu makes you feel awesome.

    This move would be a great asset to Hydreigon. Many people you fight will spam U-Turn on Hydreigon - lowering it's health, and since this pokemon is a powerful special attacker, it should do some serious damage PLUS heal it's health!
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