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    A Rocket's Diary


    What if you're in Team Rocket?

    What if you need it for survival?

    What if all havoc breaks loose...and you're the one to blame?


    Xarius Gander was murdered. After Giovanni had resigned from Team Rocket, their Johto base needed a new leader to lead them to a brighter (and more corrupted) future. However, when Xarius Gander, the chosen leader-to-be among a small elite group of eight was about to get promoted to the team's most glorious position, he was found dead in his room, lying lifelessly on the floor like an abandoned puppet that had detached itself from its strings.

    This couldn't be an accident - it had been ingeniously planned out.

    The murderer entered the private room through a blind spot, a small area which couldn't be recorded down by the CCTV. With only a fingerprint-free knife acting as a proof of murder, other experienced Rocket members shifted their eyes onto the small group that Xarius had been chosen from - the Endowed Eight.

    The Endowed Eight

    The E8 is a group of young potential Rocket Members, chosen to contribute as much as they can to Team Rocket. These young members either have a unique talent/interest that would aid Team Rocket in the future, or a rather decent leadership skills with a clear mind. Sometimes, one might also be chosen if they are willing to do the 'dirty work'.

    As Xarius was chosen among the eight 'contestants', it's absolutely understandable that everyone's pointing their fingers at the other seven, accusing them without a second thought. To keep things under control, a high ranked man only known as the Warden has locked the E8 in a small sector of the Goldenrod Base, determined to snatch the killer at any costs. Now, he will be giving them tasks and chances to prove themselves innocent...

    Unlucky you

    Congratulations - you are one of the E8. Hm...but why did you join the E8 in the first place? For glory? For reputation? People joined for various reasons. Some of them, like Xarius Gander, wanted to be future leader in case the last one resigned (in this case, he had). Some wanted to train themselves, dreaming to be a better Rocket member than the average grunt with a level five Ratatta. Some...joined just to survive. You see, Team Rocket pays its members once a month, and the higher the rank, the larger the paycheck. Don't get me wrong though - even the paycheck for the E8 is barely enough to keep someone alive with food and water. What...did you think that the rooms within the base were free?

    Setting and Location

    This will include important structures that might be used/considered in the RP.
    - Goldenrod Base: Located within the tunnel, the Goldenrod Base is the main HQ for Team Rocket. Your rooms will be in Sector B, next to the cafeteria.

    - Slowpoke Well: Once controlled by Team Rocket, this well is now free and public for everyone to visit. However, its eerie atmosphere suggests that darker secrets might be hidden inside.

    - Mahogany Hideout: No longer used as the main HQ, the hideout serves as a training base and resource facility. You might be sent there to collect items or to use the battle arena.


    - The game will proceed in phases. A phase is formed by a couple of ‘events’ or ‘tasks’, depending on what it is. For example, Phase One would include the warm-up mission and perhaps another challenge/test. Every time a Phase ends, RPers will have to go back into their rooms and write in their diary, ending the day by doing so. The one with the best post MIGHT be rewarded with a special event/item.

    - There is no level system in this roleplay, simply because battling isn’t the main focal point of the RP. There is, however, evolution. The GM would contact you when he thinks that the Pokemon is ready. They would have more progress if you have great posts. //hint

    - In order to create more variety, the wild grass throughout the entire region would be the same - totally random. I would use a random number generator to determine what Pokemon you would encounter. If it’s an evolved form, I might ‘devolve’ it if the RP is still in its early phase.

    - This story mainly focuses on the drama within the Team Rocket system, therefore heroes of the region such as the main antagonist is not included.

    - I added moves such as Attract, Charm, Taunt, Return, Frustration etc for a reason. Try to develop Pokemon to Pokemon or Pokemon to trainer bonds in order to make things more interesting! If the Pokemon hates its master (something that might be more likely to happen as a Team Rocket member), Frustration actually does more damage!

    - This RP isn't meant to last as long as the large ones out there. Though it isn't extremely short, it would definitely end quicker if everything goes according to plan. That also means we have a larger chance to finish this!

    Available Starters

    Pick one below! You may choose the stater's gender, but remember to tell me in your SU.

    - Purrloin [Taken]

    Ability - Limber
    Move - Charm, Fake Tears, Faint Attack, Toxic

    - Murkrow [Taken]

    Ability - Insomnia
    Move - Wing Attack, Double Team, Astonish, Return

    - Scraggy

    Ability - Shed Skin
    Move - Sand-attack, Low-kick, Faint-attack, Taunt

    - Sneasel [Taken]

    Ability - Inner Focus
    Move - Icy Wind, Agility, Metal Claw, Attract

    - Skorupi [Reserved]

    Ability - Battle Armor
    Move - Poison Sting, Pin missile, Acupressure, Frustration

    - Roselia (for the sake of being underpowered as Budew) [Taken]

    Ability - Natural Cure
    Move - Sweet Kiss, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Swift

    - Venipede [Reserv

    Ability - Poison Point
    Move - Defense Curl, Rollout, Gyro Ball, Protect

    - Gastly [Reserved]

    Ability - Levitate
    Move - Hypnosis, Curse, Night Shade, Lick

    - Litwick [Reserved]

    Ability - Flame Body
    Move - Ember, Astonish, Minimize, Smog

    - Golett [Reserved]

    Ability - Iron Fist
    Move - Pound, Mud-slap, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch

    Signup Form


    Age: Not much to be said here. Make sure it’s reasonable (as in aged 14 to 19).

    Appearance: Images are welcome, but you would still need to describe it. Try talking about the character’s clothing, accessories, race and other factors.

    History: Be creative. Talk about the character’s life before joining Team Rocket, and explain the reason why he/she joined it in the first place. Try to make it as interesting as possible.

    Personality: Go wild. After all, a good personality = half of an amazing character! Cover interests, reactions, likes and dislikes...

    Starter Pokemon:

    Starter Name:

    Starter Gender:

    Starter Description: Does he/she look different? What’s the Pokemon’s personality? Etc etc.

    Any other info: Anything important that doesn't fit into the other categories.


    • All Forum and RP Corner rules apply

    • This RP is rated T. Don't cross the lines!

    • Though 3rd person is preferred, you may use 1st.

    • You can have a maximum of three Pokemon.

    • You can reserve a spot but you must post your SU within two days. If you cannot finish it within the ‘deadline’, the reservation would be cancelled.

    • If you are not active and leave the Roleplay, your character will be booted out OR controlled by the GM/other Roleplayers, so make sure you are active.

    • Don’t godmod or auto-dodge/auto-hit (hitting the enemy in your post without giving him a chance to react/dodge).

    • Be respectful and use common etiquette

    • GM decisions are final.

    Accepted Characters

    Fenne-kun as the Warden
    {Swan} as Jasper Reed
    Ewery1 as Steven Zazus
    Scyke as Scyke Murr
    ~Genevieve~ as Parvati Patil
    ArceusGPG as Juanito Ernest Gordito
    Kiklion as Justin Powers
    Midnight-Umbreon as Jenna Romona Williams


    "Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere" - Anton Ego
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