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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
idk I guess there's Crabhammer? Maybe there's something else like uhh--actually what about a Water-based Punch?
It's funny you mention this, because back a long time ago or so, when I was playing FR/LG, I was pretty confused because I was almost certain that a water-based punch existed, but as much as I tried to scratch my head over it, I couldn't figure out what it was called! The obvious would be "Water Punch", but my hitmonchan didn't learn it, so that left me scratching my head for a while, as it seemed like something that was blatantly missing from the elemental punches. @[email protected];

Though that's a good idea! Waterfall at this point seems like the strongest physical-based water move that a majority of water-types can learn, unlike crabhammer which is unfortunately restricted to a select few. :(

Also, I'd like to raise one question: So we have a base 120 move for the following types: Water, Fire, Electric, Normal(I think?), Fighting, Ice, and I think Grass. I don't know about you all, but I'm personally looking forward to some more base 120 attacks, more specifically for Ghost types since the strongest move currently is Shadow Ball. It would help if there were more variety in Ghost attacks as well, since that's pretty lacking. The same goes for Dark-types as well, I believe the strongest Dark move is tied between Payback and Punishment, so I'd like for that type to get some emphasis on the offensive, too.

I know I'm not alone

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