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    Shawn was a little uncomfortable about this. He had to start talking about himself? Isn't that a little like bragging? He didn't want to go down that road, but he had no choice: he HAD to stay awake! He stifled a yawn as he shifted in his chair to get more comfortable.

    "Well," he began, "I have 5 pokemon total. Sting, my Drapion, was my first. I had to have my dad's help to capture him. With Sting, I managed to capture Cactuar and Zapper, who are my Cacnea and Emolga, respectively. That was my team coming to the academy. Here, I captured Shiva, my Shellder. And tonight, I captured my Litwick, who I'm still trying to come up with a nickname for. As soon as I'm healed, though, I'll be searching for one last pokemon to solidify my team."

    As he was speaking, he thought back to his parents being gone...or missing. He wasn't sure which, but he knew it would take a strong team to help out with the search. It brought a tear to his eye to think about it. He tried to ignore it and concentrate on whats happening now.

    "So, what about you?" he asked Sammy, "Do you have any other pokemon besides Corphish and Cubone?" He was getting more and more interested in talking to her.

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