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So my online deck is pretty weak. I claimed 20 booster packs to try and make something,but eh. I have 2 good pokemon though that if i can get out early, and fill with energy I can cut through quite a few prize cards.

Last night I had 2 wining strategies..

1) I played Sable eye on the first turn with a single dark energy. Sable Eye stayed out THE ENTIRE GAME. I kept the defending Pokemon confused, and had enough potions to survive the few attacks that made it through. I won the game when he ran out of cards. His hand was much better, but he could not make it through the confuse ray.

2) I got my main two attackers vai Pokemon Communication and kept them on the bench until I had enough energy to slide them in to play. I let him/her KO my active Pokemon and moved my main guy up. I used Energy Retrieve to pull back energy lost and fill out my second attack Pokemon. He/she did not survive the onslaught of my first poke-attacker and I won in the next 5 turns with one hit knock outs mostly.

I also went down hard in a couple games because I could not draw any energy to do anything with. The first game I had 3 energy cards TOTAL when the game ended. Bah.

I think I am 3 for 6 right now.
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