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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
The only way it can be ghost is if it's dead and I don't think it looks dead because nothing else really shows it looking "ghostly". Yveltal is the better candidate for dark, but yet still not for ghost. Ghost types just generally have a different kind of appeal that's hard to explain.
Nica hit the nail on this one, guys.

When you look at your standard Ghost-type, say, Gengar, what do you see? It obviously looks like a Ghost, right? Something that's undead. Ghost-types throughout the generations have remained relatively unchanged, and have a certain flair about them that is quite difficult to explain, but fairly easy to notice. I suppose you could say that Ghost types such as Golurk are an exception, but there are even some noticible traits of Ghost-types in even Golurk, such as it's creepy eyes, or the general creepiness surrounding it. When you look at others such as Misdreavus/Mismagius, Sableye, Banette, and others, there's really not that much of a difference.

That being said though, I believe it's a dead giveaway that Yveltal is Dark, but I wouldn't be so sure about that. Ghost Pokemon also have somewhat of an evil aura about them, and it's also noticable that Yveltal seems to have that evil aura about it as well. With that pointed out, it could be said that Yveltal is Dark/Ghost, but I find this hard to believe because it has to have a unique ability of it's own, and not Levitate, otherwise this would be the most plausible theory in my mind, it seems.

Xerneas on the other hand, is more difficult to discern because while clips have shown it being in a Forest, I see nothing "grass"-y about it. Look at every single grass-type there is and you'd notice that there's some sort of bodily appendage linking it to being a grass-type, and usually it's one of two things: they're usually dark green(or part of their body is), or they have leaves of some sort on their body. I find it hard to believe that Xerneas is grass without seeing these two very special things that every single grass Pokemon so far, has. Even if it was part grass, you would notice something about it that would scream "oh hey, it's a grass Pokemon!"

I'm more inclined to believe that it's either Steel/Rock(which I'm not sure actually makes for a good typing. 4x Fighting and 4x Ground weak is a huge turn-off), Steel/Psychic(seems a bit more plausible, but nothing really screaming "psychic"), or a type having something to do with Steel, or possibly Rock. One or the other.

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