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    I'd like there to be a variety of pokemon that can be event pokemon, rather than just legendary pokemon. But yeah, rarer pokemon should definitely be events. I remember that there was a primary event to get Victini in Pokemon Black and White when it first came out, so, I hope that there can be something like that again to build up the hype for X&Y!

    I don't really mind that if we'd only get these events over wifi, but, yes, I'd like to see more promotions from different places, like, there has been a lot of Gamestop promotions for event pokemon lately, so, maybe there can be promotions from more places like Toys R Us, or Target, or maybe any other store that can promote these products. IMO, that'd give more fans an incentive to spend careful time on X&Y, so that they can build up their teams full of their favourite pokemon, and a given effort to "catch em' all" as it were. Plus, the battles can be quite interesting!

    As for the possibility that all the pokemon can only be obtained in the wild and there won't be any promotion, I... wouldn't like that. I mean, events sort of adds to the feeling of getting exclusive rights, you know? People like that feeling that you've obtained something very rare that others wouldn't be able to obtain again. You can call that pride, I guess, but, it's a good feeling for most people.

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