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Billed as a one-stop shop for everything Pokémon, it will be packed with all the latest information on the franchise, from the video games to the TV series, films and trading card game.

Also featuring activities and competitions, Official Pokémon Magazine will have a print frequency of 13 issues per year.

Each issue will come with a Pokémon-themed cover mounted gift, with the first set to go on sale on March 20 priced at £3.99 (higher in the US and world-wide). Subscribe to the magazine now to get the first three issues delivered to your door for just £5 (higher in the US and world-wide).

Official Pokémon Magazine will be edited by Future's editor in chief of Nintendo projects, Chandra Nair.

Lee Nutter, group publisher for Future's Entertainment Group, said: "Pokémon has never been bigger and more relevant than it is today and the magazine will serve as the voice for its UK audience."

So, what do you all think about this? Will you be subscribing?
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