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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
You can find a lot of interesting topics on Sylveon on Tumblr surprisingly enough. I think I may be addicted to Tumblr now XD

Just a few of the things I found that warrant interest.

Like how the Flying one compares Sylveon to Skyla, this one compares Sylveon to Iris. Yes I have posted this before but I never went into detail about it before.

First thing to note, the creator of the image "reverses" the cycle on us. When we first got Eevee Circle image people created images "proving" eevee was Flying type as on one side has weaknesses. This one points out Resistances/No Effects.

Starting with Glaceon, Glaceon deals NVE damage to Flareon. Espeon deals no Damage to Umbreon, Vaporeon deals NVE damage to Leafeon, and Jolteon deals NVE damage to (Dragon typed) Sylveon.

It then compares Sylveon's Red and Blue stripes on its ribbons to that of the old 3rd Gen Dragon button. The final comparison is Sylveon to Iris' Champion Dress. Iris' Champion dress is roughly the same shade of Pink as Sylveon and has various ribbons and bows on it.
This one makes sense, but then again dragon takes half damage from another 3 on the type chart other Jolteon, which could make the theory all the truer. I still think if there is some super effective/not very effective thing going on with this it would be flying to fill it out on a more known type matching level.What I mean is that the pic obviously has the common duality's paired up in an instantly recognizable way that a flying type colored lightbulb turns on in your head.


This one relates to the "Love interest" in B2W2 if you chose to play as Nate. The young pop star has bows on her outfit much like Skyla and Iris. This one is a fan speculation relating Sylveon to a new type: Love. Considering Sylveon was released on Valentines Day, a feat that seems to have been done on purpose by TPC.
I'm all for a new type, but this isn't it. The ribbon shape is a generic bow tie look, and not a reference to some poorly though out NPC. Oh and the bolded? Coincidence at best, TPCi releases all of the info CoroCoro provides one day before the 15th, which unfortunately is Valentine's Day. Too big a stretch that one.

I love this photo cause of the smartly shaped text bubbles.

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