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First update for my Flying Mono:

Ultimate Flying-Mono: Heart Gold

- Named myself "Harvey" and chose "Cyndaquil"

- Met Mr.Pokemon then beat my Rival and named him "Falcone"

- Went to Dark Cave and caught a female Zubat named "Rouge"

- Cleared Sprout Tower then beat Falkner for the
Zephyr Badge

- Grabbed the Old Rod and caught a male Magikarp called "Garydos"

- Made it through Union Cave and cleared Team Rocket out of Slowpoke Well

- Destroyed Bugsy and his Gym for the
Hive Badge

- Managed to level grind Garydos into a "Gyarados" on the way to Goldenrod

- Skipped over to the Bug Catching Contest and caught a male Scyther named "Psycho"

- Went back to Whitney's Gym and made her look like the biggest fool, earning me the
Plain Badge

- Made my way to Ecruteak to beat my Rival and Morty for the
Fog Badge

- Did the Secretpotion quest to unlock the Safari Zone

- Traveled to the Safari Zone and spent an hour before I caught a male Murkrow named "Itachi"


Well, I guess it's time to go and grab a Natu from the Ruins of Alph now.
Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: