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    The treecko extended his paw to Tiba."Treetree,cko."(You did a good job. But you do have to train perismatic vision), said Argo.

    "Ti, ninini, Dradradradratini Tinini Dratininini."(Indeed. Stealing something from Argo isn't easy, but you were almost gonna crash. I cannot fly, but my evolution can, so I have the flying DNA. I'll give you a piece of advice- try to avoid targets coming sideways, and to avoid swiftly. Like, when you where gonna grab the slice, you could have gone up, and then charge down. You would be at a fast speed, but you had to turn 90 degrees when you almost reached the ground. It's tricky, but it is better to be sure and hard than to be riscky and easy), suggested Draca.
    Fira seemed like she had learned a new attack. She pulled her trainer's hand.

    "What is it? Oh, you learned a new move? Let me check here...Ummm", said Daniel, checking on his pad."Here says Charmander learn Fire Fang at basicaly your level, so it must be Fire Fang", suggested Daniel. Fira nodded. She focused on a rock. She glared at it and opened her mouth wide, showing her fangs. Her fangs set on fire as she charged forward, and crunched the rock, making small dents on it. She smiled, and went next to her friends.

    "Char char, char!"(Yes, and train hard to learn moves that will help you avoid crashing), suggested the Charmander.

    "The world is gigantic, with lots of secrets and mysteries.I understand why you want to explore it. Finding something in the world is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I sweared to protect you until the end of time, so I will always have a way to find you."

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