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    "That's cool," Sammy replied, "I've always liked Shellder. It sounds like your team is pretty well rounded already, you've got, what, Poison, Grass, Electric, Flying... uh... Water, Ice... Ghost and Fire? Right? That's pretty good."

    She shrugged at his question regarding her own team. She didn't find herself an enthralling topic, but if it kept him engaged... "Just Corphish and Cubone. Oh! And Shuppet. I keep forgetting about Shuppet... so I guess I have a Ghost type now, which is cool I suppose. I know a lot of people like them, but I think they're meant to be a bit difficult to train. Disobedient, I hear. Maybe once you're back on your feet your Litwick and my Shuppet can train against each other."

    She smiled at that, wanting to encourage him. If the nurse was happy with his check-up he could have the all clear to attend class as normal tomorrow, but it was just as likely she would tell him to take it easy and stay in bed... she hoped for his sake it was the former. Lying around like an invalid all day would be the worst thing she could imagine. So boring!
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