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Kion Gavin - Classroom 13

Gavin paced back and forth with his thumbnail in his mouth. He was pondering how he would go about asking the good vampire to drain him of his blood. What about..."Madam Marilyn, would you be so kind as to suck my blood?", to blunt... he thought to himself. How about... He went over several other ways in his head. He didn't know why he was so worried about it, but something about Marilyn made him nervous. No, not so much nervous and anxious, but in a way that he didn't particularly care for. When interacting with her, he felt that he needed to be better than what was the best he could be, and as such held the risk of making a fool of himself.

He couldn't interact with her the way he talked to Eva or Kitten, he had to try. He didn't know why this was. Part of him thought that it was because she had an air of superiority about her, one that made him rather annoyed whenever he noticed it. Maybe it was her beauty, though Gavin dismissed that, as while it did make her attractive, it no longer governed his actions towards her. He couldn't think of anything else that might have been the cause...except for one other possibility, but he kept it in the back of his mind.

It was at this point that he noticed that a number of people had walked into the classroom, including Eva, Kailey, and the human. This caused him to raise an eyebrow as he'd assumed that class was over for the day, as Higoroshi previously said, but he decided not to question it and headed inside to join the others.

Once inside, Gavin's eyes immediately locked onto his teacher, who seemed to be injured. He let out a laugh from the back of his throat and then covered his mouth and looked away. It wasn't the type of thing that one should laugh at, it looked pretty serious, but...he couldn't help it. Such lines ran through his head as, "What, did he trip over his shoe laces in the Teacher's Lounge?" and "He must have hurt himself thinking too hard." Gavin isn't necessarily condescending to all of those he deems less intelligent, or even a few of them...except when they're teachers. He never liked teachers he deemed incompetent, and Higoroshi certainly fit the bill. His jokes may have been insensitive, but he was hardly regretful for thinking them.

Gavin retook his seat in the front row next to Elene and glanced over at her a few times. He wasn't really sure how he was going to ask her or whether it was the right time. Then again, his clock was ticking, he needed all the time he could get. He was ashamed that he could not ask her such a simple question...though simple as it may have been, it was still rather unusual. Even so, a question is a question, and he had no reason to hesitate. That's what he told himself, at least.

Still, his body wouldn't respond. He tried to turn his head, but he remained looking at the board. He tried to move his lips, but all they did was quiver. He could not begin to comprehend what was wrong with him, and as such, he employed the only tactic that had worked thus far. He put his hands under his desk and removed his glove. Then, he thought of his family and how he was forced to leave them. He thought of his mother's illness. He thought of the life he once led. All of these things created a burning feeling of regret and anger in him...and his hand. The pain was unimaginable, and it even turned some of the skin on his palm black. It mattered not to him. Indeed, it hurt, so much that he inadvertently bit his tongue to ease the pain, but it needed to be done, lest that hand fester and rot, anyway.

Immediately his body jumped into action, quickly enough that it outran his own input. He put on his glove, turned to Marilyn and asked, "Will you go out with me?" It wasn't the first thing he'd thought of saying or even the last; he had no idea where it came from. If he weren't so determined at this point, he probably would have felt embarrassed, but he stayed as firm as the great Ben Kei and held his ground.
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