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    Originally Posted by Jtspyder View Post
    Hey poco, I am not talking about Pokemon Essentials Online, I'm talking about Markz88 PokeMMO starter kit. If you are really insane and to think that Markz88 has been working on his starter kit for a few years you need a serious checkup. You honestly should "think twice" before posting seeing you didn't even know who and/or what I was talking about in any way what so ever.

    On the bright side though, he's working on a Trading system and [possible] PVP system too! Can't wait for the release of it.
    So you knew there were multiple projects which could be called an "online version", yet you didn't actually say which one you were talking about? There's no call for your hostility in response to a misunderstanding which you caused.

    I should point out that you said the guy is "working on" the only two good features (trading and PvP battles). That means he hasn't actually done them yet, so you can't claim that someone's done them or that they're easy. All you can say is that someone is trying to make them. You haven't even said how long he's been working on it, either.

    As mentioned earlier in this thread (by me), being able to see other players walk around the map (an MMO feature) is pointless and useless, and Essentials does not want that feature. All we're talking about is PvP battles and trading.
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