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Hm, on my part, perhaps the NewlyWeds Challenge questions should of been more simpler, than more 'out of the box'. However, I was surprised on the amount of questions people got right together so maybe it didn't matter too much? @[email protected]
I felt the same way too. :/ Although my pair didn't submit his, we did discuss the questions at some point and he just made fun of them the whole time lol. Some of them were a bit strange too. Not all people that are paired, especially anyone that got paired in the matchmaker event that also entered newlyweds, would know each other THAT well. So a mixture of the abstract questions and some smaller questions would have been nice. The question about rubbing your belly and patting your head was a bit...weird imo. I one really discusses that lmao. ;(

As for the Matchmaker Event, I think we should have an activity limit on that. I know Necrum got paired with someone that had two posts and didn't sign back on after posting in that thread, so that was kind of useless. I think to participate in that one, you need to have been active in the last month so that people don't get stuck with someone that just leaves. I know it's for fun, but I mean, what's the fun in it if that person's matchmaker pair just up and leaves?

I didn't look at the chat thread, but I mean, I can't imagine where a chat thread would go wrong. XD

I also wasn't sure about the idea on posting the answers on the thread publicly, so I just kept them privately... would people mind if they were posted publicly?
I think what you did with this was fine. Keep them private unless the person is okay with you posting them (which I was!). :)

Overall, I think the Newlyweds event was enjoyable and I wouldn't mind seeing it back again next year! Just as long as we fix up the questions a bit. XD

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