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    Originally Posted by Samurott01 View Post
    Alright, I will do that, thanks!

    EDIT: Wait, wait, wait. I have the LeafGreen ROM. Is there a Murky Red equivalent for Leaf Green that still takes away the evolution block?
    There is a tool i found that can evolve pokemon in gba games, it's called pokeboxGBA, it kinda works like pokesav for the DS games, pretty neat program.
    Don't know if it's okay to post links to other forums and stuff like that but it is easy to find via Google.

    EDIT: Oh and i have a question about the Challenge, if i were to play a dragon challenge in lets say sapphire and i wanted a kingdra, would it be okay to trade in a horsea holding a dragon scale, because i just caught a horsea holding one in my "breeding, complete pokedex etc." save in emerald after hours of fishing getting nothing but horsea holding nothing, and thought it would be a fun "starter" in a dragon challenge? Would it be okay if it was holding the dragon scale or should i catch another one with a dragon scale when i get the super rod? and to my knowledye i won't be able to catch dragons before 3rd gym in hoenn is that correct?
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